Got a question?  Ask DINA!  Please note:  Though flattering, this is not an opportunity to ask for a “date” of any kind.  This is NOT a dating website.  😉  Any date requests (and/or marriage proposals) will be deleted by this website’s moderator. Thank you for your understanding. DMDC Administrator

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  • Snacking on Set : QUINOA SALAD RECIPE

    I love to cook.  Many of you know that already. I find it relaxing and therapeutic, and more often than not, quite tasty.  

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  • Fishes and Loaves: Week One/ Beating the Heat

    I’ve never been much of a beach person. “WHAT?! You live in Los Angeles.  How can you say that?!”  I don’t know. The words just seem to slip off my tongue quite naturally.  In the twenty plus years that I have been living in LA, I can honestly say that I…

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    15 2019
  • First Blog: Video Games and Taking the Net for Granted

    I’ll tell you right off the bat, that title is going to be a little misleading. Hey guys! Welcome to my blog! I guess I’ll speak…err, write candidly and just let you all know that I am extremely excited about the launch of my new website.

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  • Bike Riding

    ahhhh…you thought I meant something else, didn’t you? This was a great day.  I had just received my motorcycle license, and was out riding in Malibu Canyon. I’m so glad someone snapped this pic.  It’s a nice memory.  🙂  

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