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  1. Tom

    Hey there Dina, I noticed on imdb you did this movie called Katies Mom recently? Where can we watch that? BTW you were awesome in Johnny pneumonic haha

  2. Svetlin Trendafilov

    Hello there! I’m curious is there any current fan mail postal address for an autograph reques please? Best regards from Bulgaria!

  3. Jeffrey

    Hey Dina,

    Do you ever nightmares from having Arachnids in Starship Troopers chasing you around the dark when you are asleep in your dreams late at night?

  4. Andrew D. Freel

    I love you with all of my heart. I want to meet you.

  5. Dianne Winter

    This thread is so long do they get deleted? I saw “Web of Desire” and give it high praise. As a former ER nurse you depicted the cool, calm demeanor of an ER physician. When Finn hit you with the car you still maintained your composure. I hope that was a stunt double on the front of the car going over the cliff! The movie was well written, acted and very believable based on my experience working in healthcare and with psychiatric patients. I am glad that I found it among all the streaming movies and look forward to finding more of your movies. Do you have a favorite one?

  6. Andrew D. Freel

    I want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day early. I love you, Dream Girl.

  7. Andrew D. Freel

    Happy Birthday to my beautiful Dream Girl. I love you with all of my heart.

  8. James

    Hi Dina. I’m a huge fan and you were fantastic in Starship Troopers. I was just curious if the you’d ever consider getting nude on camera again if it was required for a movie role? I understand that some actors choose not to at certain points of their career and I was curious what you think.

    • Viv colon

      Please share on how your skin is absolutely gorgeous
      What products do you use
      What is your regimen
      From a fellow over 50 gal

  9. Adam

    What has been a role you’ve been wanting to play or that you see yourself blending into well that you haven’t yet gotten a chance to and do you have a preference when it comes to genres that you star in? Is there anybody from the past that you wish you could do a movie with now or worked with on one of their movies? When you are getting into your character role, is there anything you do in particular for your character or is it something you kind of experiment along the way? Lastly, has there ever been a role you’ve felt right at home with. Something that maybe didn’t take as much effort as trying to do? This is not to be disingenuous, more of something you just meshed with that you maybe shared a bond with that character. I’ve began amateur writing and I find myself bonding with characters as I write and I wonder if maybe actors get the same way with their characters as they portray them. Anyways, love your work and look forward to what you have come out in the future!

  10. Ms. Leeza Spiegl

    Hello, Dina! How are you doing? I’m fine myself. Will you ever get a chance to visit San Francisco soon? The City has a rich heritage. There are lots of interesting places to see, and nice museums. Is there any chance you might want to move up there? If yes, I’d recommend a place out in the Avenues. I hope you’re well.

  11. Hello! Right now I’m watching with my dogs Dragonheart with Dennis Quaid,
    David Thewlis, Jason Isaacs and the Unforgettables
    Pete Postlethwaiteel and Sean Connery, among others. And of course the talented and beautiful Dina. These types of movies have that magic of great nostalgic films. It’s amazing how time has passed. I saw it when I was a boy and I always liked it. The story is beautiful and gives hope. I would like to turn back time and see her for the first time again. Anyway. Greetings from Mexico. I wish you the best of luck and all the love in the world.

  12. Mark benton

    Hi , what high school did you graduate from. I went to forest hills.

  13. Andrew D. Freel

    Dear Dina,
    I wanted to send you a Valentine’s Day greeting yesterday, but the internet in my area was down. So, I hope you can accept this belated greeting, knowing that I’m always thinking of you with all of my love.

    Love You Always,

  14. Todd N Trabue

    Hello, Dina…
    How are you? My name is Todd Trabue, I am from Indianapolis, IN; and I was wondering if you have ever like auditioned for like and Soap Operas, or anything like that?
    Also, would you ever consider doing like some type of Reality TV Show?

  15. So I guess this is a forum mainly used by US citizen? 🙂

    I am German and Greek and if you Dina have never been to Greece before, your should perhaps start google and type in “pelion greece afissos”
    The Pelion is a low mountain range and spans the Gulf of Pagasitikos. According to myths, Achileus (who died in Troy) was taught by the Centaur Cheion in the mountains.
    It is more of a Greek holiday destination and not as crowded as the islands.

    Afissos is the village where I have my holiday home and will be on holiday with a buddy and my family for 4 weeks this summer.

    A diving centre is around the corner.
    The area is really beautiful. Just have a look at the photos under Google.

    If you are interested, please contact me!
    There are usually enough nice rooms in the village.

  16. Andrew D. Freel

    Dear Dina,
    Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

    Love You Always,

  17. Антон Ковалевский

    Hello Dina.
    Yesterday I watched a movie with you again
    Starship Troopers and I believe that the image of Dizzy Flores is the most beautiful and romantic love story.
    I didn’t think an action movie would make me cry.
    It is even sadder that there are no such girls.
    Bright, interesting, active, interested in a guy. She went to war for his sake, and when she was dying she did not regret anything, she said, “It’s all right, because I was yours.

    Thank you for this role. Such films teach goodness, heroism, give faith in the future and make life brighter.
    All the best to you, you are great!

  18. Master Of Misc

    This is crazy. The other week I put on Starship Troopers with you in. I kept quoting “Put your hand upon that wall” around the house. LOVE that film.. Then I have been watching the old NCIS TV show and who shows up? Only Dina Meyer!! What are the chances.. Love it when that happens.. Well, tonight here I am watching Burn Notice on Disney+. Never watched the show when it was on the air and would you Adam and Eve it….. Who turns up in it? Yes, the one and only Dina Meyer. So i’ve paused the show… And went to IMDB to see what else youve been in which led me to your website.. Burn Notice is still paused in the background but before I went back to it, I thought id write this quick message. I love everything your in. Love that hair.. Right, im going back to the show now. Apparently you are put back a chip that you’ve previously stolen!

  19. Danny Manny

    Have you been to Rockville, Maryland?

  20. Tim Lemmens

    Hi, Dina

    I have two small questions for you:
    1. Can you tell me a bit more about the time you played an imposter Holliday in an episode of Secret Agent Man?
    2. What was it like recording new vocal tracks as Oracle for Crisis in Infinite Earths? Can you tell me more about that?



  21. Alex Ponor

    Hi Buty, congratulations on March 8. I Like You. Sorry from my bad, Jonny, Johan this is the She in did, but John, Jonatan this is the HE, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, can You forgive Me? pleeeeeeeeese. How do you do? What do you feel? Good? If it’s true, I’m happy. How do You like Starsheep Troopers film? You like this? Good luck.

  22. Audie Marsh

    Hello Dina,

    Big fan! Loved your work in Starship troopers. I was wondering by chance if you were going to open up signings from your website. Give the opportunity for us fans to send items for you to sign? With all the things going on in this world, I think this would be a great chance for us fans to get autographs and for you to make money as well.

    Thank you for your time

    • Jaime Valle

      I second this. I would love to buy an autographed picture from Starship Troopers, or send an item to have it signed.

  23. Joel Kruzel


    I have seen Erin Richards, Keri Russell, Chloe Grace Mortez, and Izabella Scorupco listed as your doppelganger. In a picture where your hair was brunette, I mistook you for Ali Landry. Do you think you have a doppelganger?

    Have a great day,

  24. Larry Gowen

    All I can say is wow you are absolutely stunning. I love your work in all your movies. Hard to believe that there hasn’t been a lucky guy to win your hand in marriage. Keep up the good work love seeing you on the silver screen.

  25. AJ

    Hi Dina,

    I think you’re gorgeous. May we please start dating and fall in love and live happily ever after?

    Oh, I am a 42 year old man by the way. I am tall, smart, and like hillwalking. Also, I love animals. I live in Scotland.

    Best wishes,


    Hii, I am 16 year old boy from India. I saw your film Starship troopers, really I loved much. For two days You are in my drams at night.Today I searched you in Google and came here to express my feelings.I have decided, I will meet you once in my life.

  27. James

    Hello Dina, short question: which of all those roles you played so far was closest to being you (at least at the time you played it, or maybe with all your experiences)? Got nothing to do with which one you liked best but which one was most of you?
    Have a great time, and a wonderful life.

  28. Carlos Martini

    I like the variety of films you have worked in. Where could I watch most of the independent films?
    Starship Troopers was amazing when it came out on theaters. I was living in Georgia(USA) at the time.

    Now, I write from Argentina. I am here in quarantine in Buenos Aires.
    Congratulations on everything you have done so far.


  29. Cory Buckle

    WELL… To begin, I would like to Wish you & your vast network of Fans a HAPPY (and safe) 4th of July Weekend! ??
    The Reason for me sending you some Comments is that I (like many Americans Home-bound by Covid-19) have been Searching the many Streaming Networks looking ? for interesting entertainment choices. Luckily, I came across a Great Drama series from 2006 called “THIEF” starring Andre Braugher that is being shown on HULU. I started watching the First episode and said to myself: Is that Dizzy from “Starship Troopers”? THAT’S DINA!
    She still looks Wonderful! I was Quite Sad at the end of the episode to discover that the writers had decided Not to continue your character. The Show
    had some great writing and actors (Mr. Braugher went on to Win the Emmy for his performance that year) and the Series received great reviews.
    I guess that Pilot might be thought of as a great experience to work with some very good people.
    From your working resume, your years of acting experience have served you well as you move on to the next project.
    I guess that’s: This is the The Life of a Working Actor. One who enjoys her Craft and Shows it.
    Sooo…. In closing, I will wish you well in any and all future endeavors and take care. ?

    • Hi Cory,

      I knew what I was getting into before we started shooting.

      The pilot script always had the fatal car accident in it. It was kind of necessary for the story,
      and the development of the father/daughter relationship.
      I just wanted to have the opportunity to work with such a great cast!

      Thanks for your post!

      • ciffy

        Hi Dina, Glad we have ladies like you and Kathleen Robertson patrolling our sci fi boundaries. Only you have the ability to answer a question with a look.

      • ciffy

        And other ladies, the lists too long.

      • Chris

        Starship troopers, star trek, star wars all ok. If you had to play a character or introduce one in the Expanse. Who would it be.

  30. Wayne Hathaway

    I was watching the movie and wondering who the pretty woman was and saw it was you. I knew the name sounded so familiar. You came to our camera store in Lincoln Ne., for a Canon Days, a long time ago. You had said you were on 90210, and that’s how I remember you. 🙂 Hope all is well with you. Great to see you again,
    your friend

  31. Kevin

    With Casper getting a big new series/film release I was wondering if you remember him fondly or not? And if you have something in the works…2

  32. Santiago Godoy

    Hey Dina.

    Eres la mujer mas hermoza que tuve el placer de ver en peliculas, supongo que en vivo lo seras mucho mas…… todas formas siempre es bueno recrear la vista con obras de arte bien hechas como usted………. Saludos

  33. Dear Dina,

    This is Zaire Haylock. I have seen you in Starship Troopers when I was a kid. Can you sing? I wish we met in person.

  34. Phil Day

    Hi Dina,
    love your work. My favourite film you appeared in was Starship troopers. Do you go to any film conventions in the UK such as Comicon? It would be great to have a cast reunion appearing together at an event like that. Casper Van Dien was in London’s Comicon last year but I missed getting his autograph as I was on holiday at the time. I know with current events appearances won’t be likely anytime soon but when things get back to normal would be great to see you all together at a film convention and get your autographs.
    Im currently studying VFX and to this day Im still really impressed with the VFX in Starship Troopers. It’s my joint favourite Paul Verhoeven film alongside Robocop.

  35. Gregg Mooney

    Greetings Dina,
    I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed watching your acting career. The first time I saw you grace my screen in Starship Troopers and then I just keep watching from Criminal Minds to NCIS LA, and it doesn’t surprise me the many shows you’ve been on lately. I wish you all the best. Gregg

  36. You have a lovely voice. Have you ever considered acting in animation or audio theater, like Graphic Audio or The Radio Repertory
    Company of America?

  37. Brian

    Hi Dina I love you in the saw films and in birds of prey grew up watching you on television it’s so great to finally get in contact with you ? and you’re so beautiful and one of my favorite actresses hopefully I get to meet you in person one day.

  38. Ricky Rodriguez

    Hello Dina, just wanted to take the time to say you are awesome, beautifully sexy and I love your eyes. I have seen you in many lifetime movies and I got to say, each one has been amazing. Looking forward to seeing more of you, take care and God Bless. Your still a hottie!!!

    Rick Rod

  39. Xavier

    Mon actrice préférée depuis plus de 20 ans! J’aimerais tant apprendre l’anglais juste pour pouvoir parler avec vous… ?

  40. Ben

    You were a beauty back then in starship troopers and now you are a goddess of beauty! Te amo.
    Kiss from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Much respect and love to you! 🙂


  41. Victoria

    Hi Dina, hope you had a nice thanksgiving. You have the most gorgeous hair! We have a similar curl pattern and I was wondering what products you use?

  42. Emma K

    Hi there, I just wanted to say that I really like your work, especially your performance as Allison Kerry in the Saw series. I truly admired her and it was (in my opinion anyway) such a mistake to kill off the strongest female in the franchise in 3. And so brutally! (Even though it was a really cool trap.) There was so much potential for her. Well you worked on the production so I was wondering why they decided to get rid of her?
    I also wanted to say that you seem like such a great person, and it doesn’t seem like fame has got to your head at all. I hope that doesn’t sound rude.
    And that Dizzy Flores is so cool. In the film, obviously. In the book he is killed off less than twenty pages in. Are you familiar with the source material? And what was it like working with Paul Verehoeven? Starship Troopers is my favourite film by him. But Basic Instinct is actually quite amusing.
    One last question: which of your characters have you felt most connected to?
    I hope you have a nice day and that you enjoy whatever you’re up to 🙂

  43. You are my favorite actress, thank you for being.

  44. Michael Kearns

    i loved you in Starship Troopers and thought you are one of the most gorgeous woman ever. Sorry to say how come you are not one of the biggest female actresses alive. i honestly thought you would get brilliant and meaty roles.

  45. Brian

    I think you are really really charming, so sweet, and lovely, you know? All I want to say is Thanks! Thanks for your performances in Starship Troopers and Traitor of Mars letting me know what love feels like.
    I’m so fascinated ~
    Best wishes,

  46. Nunyer Binnis

    I’ve been a fan since Dragonheart, but what I really want to know is, was your role as Kerry in AMERIGEDDON just a role, or do you believe in the message? I’m hoping the latter.
    Save the Republic!

  47. Peter Church

    Hi Ms. Meyer I’m watching Saw 2 I have not watched these movies in years I have 1-3 on DVD and you’re looking spectacularly gorgeous so thank you for that. These are always entertaining I have been a horror fan since I was a little kid in the 70s and am now 51. Do you sell autographed photos by some chance? 😉 Take Care hope you and yours are very well. -Peter in Los Angeles

  48. MATTEO

    Hi Dina

    One on ST – was Dizzy’s death in the original novel or in the script, or was it Paul’s idea? Looking back do you think it was a mistake to kill Dizzy? She is certainly the most popular and loved character from ST. No Dizzy = no sequels. Would be interested in your opinion 20 or so years on

    ps….You are the kind of girl that makes SQUAD LEADER!!

    Best regards from Australia. Matteo

  49. Jordan

    Hi Dina! I’m watching Evil Doctor and I love this movie because of you! I became a big fan of you when I watched Lethal Seduction! I think you’re an amazing actress and you’re also an amazing person! I love how close you are with your fans! You’re amazing when you play evil roles, you’re so talented!

    Greeting from Belgium

  50. Troy

    Hey Dina!

    Given how sequels are such a big thing nowadays (regardless of the amount of time since the original) – with such an eclectic array of characters you’ve played, if you could pick one to play again (even if said character might not have lived to the end of the movie) which would it be?

  51. Dear Dina, I have seen you in Starship Troopers since I was a kid. Now I’m 23 years old. Do you have some upcoming film projects? Have you ever visit Stockton before? If not, can you come? I never been on an actual date with an actress before. Love Zaire Haylock.

  52. A

    Might I ask your perspective on people finding you attractive, physically as well as sexually? Your posts seem to indicate that you understand that this happens, but we’ve yet to hear what you think of people’s reactions to it/them. You seem like the type of person to be able to do so logically, without getting up in arms that people would feel that way to begin with. It would be interesting to hear your perspective as well as help to ensure that certain lines aren’t crossed in the future. Thinking no one here wants to upset you that way.

  53. Aaron

    Hi,if you could dress up as both of the following characters(not at the same time,obviously,lol),what do you think would be the most fun thing about playing them?
    1.Peter Pan
    2.Wonder Woman
    Hope to hear from you soon:)

  54. Olá Dina…
    Me chamo Magno tavares,e venho expressar meus sinceros elogios a você!Pois acabei de ver o filme “Tropas estrelares”, onde você estava maravilhosa.Na época eu tinha apena 7 anos., e hoje, 21 anos depois, voce continua a brilhar com a mesma beleza. De todo o filme voce foi quem me chamou mais atençao!Espero um dia eu ter a felicidade de te encontrar por ai.

    Brazil here…
    I’m sorry for my portugeses

  55. Paul Porter


    I never see you miss a moment in anything I’ve seen you in. How do you accomplish that? Do you lean on the director? Are you “director proof” where you know enough of what you want to do so you don’t need to rely on the director? Do you watch each take and adjust?

    -Super curious fan

  56. Paul Porter

    Dina, you’re the reason I pursued acting. You made it look so fun with everything you were in. I hope I captured half your spirit in my work.

    Thank you for all you’ve been part of, and thank you in advance for all that will come!

  57. Johnathan

    Dear Dina,

    I happen to think that you’re one of the more underappreciated actresses in Hollywood in terms of having brains, sexy and moxie! I also think that’s probably why we didn’t see you in more blockbuster films than we should have… You’re not batsh*t crazy and in the press all of the time, probably said “NO!” to casting couches with Harvey W. and many others and probably intimidated other actresses more than you know.

    I’m not a fan of many, but fell in love with you as Diz in Starship Troopers. Whereas Denise looks like a Barbie Doll type that would either have a headache every time before sex and give you nothing but after, you looked like the type where a guy couldn’t get you out of his head and couldn’t wait to get back to you. Sorry I missed you at Chiller this year too.

    Keep on smiling as you do… the best cosmetic there is… especially when it’s real and attached to true happiness. You ROCK!

  58. Leeza

    Hello, Dina.
    I hope you and Denise Richards can team up again. That is to work on another acting project. That would seem wondrous.

  59. Hi Dina,
    with all your life and work experience, what would you say, is for you the most important thing to be successful* in life and why? *However you define success.
    Thanks a lot for your answer.

  60. Rachael

    Hey Dina,
    I have been trying to find a copy of your movie Web of Desire. Would you happen to know where I can buy a copy?

    • alex

      came across this up late after i saw a movie reminder of you. most on this page is typical but still must be super weird to you at times i would guess. on the other hand you have a fan base to placate. anyway, fond memories and a little avenue for fans to say thanks for the late nineties thoughts and all that. good for you for not selling out. fond mems from okc.

  61. Dmytri

    You are such a talented actress and a beautiful woman. I remember having a huge crush on you when I saw you for the first time in Starship Troopers. I don’t know how you do this, but you haven’t changed a bit since then. Wishing you all the best! You are simply amazing! Love!


  62. Hello Dina,

    I thought I would go on a limb here and see if you would allow me to purchase you a cup of coffee/tea sometime? I am a professional within the LA/Santa Monica area and was hoping we could have a casual conversation. It would be an honor!

  63. Volker

    Dear Ms. Meyer,

    I am nearly as young as you are and like a few writers before it took several years and a little single malt to collect all my courage to write to you. I am a german cinema visitor and tv watcher, so I follow your cineastic and TV life a bit. You haven’t changed externally, you are beautiful as ever. But I detected a change by visiting from time to time your instagram account and watch your little dancing clips. Especially when I observe your face and your eyes, I can see an internal joy, happiness and freedom. So you found indeed yourself. And for that I congratulate you. Hopefully you have a partner with whom you can share this. Poorly enough it can’t be me. So all the best in the next years to come.

    yours sincerely

  64. Olga

    Dear Dina,
    I’d like to ask you what is your favorite genre of music and who is your favorite singer/band?
    (My favorite singer is Madonna 😀 )
    What would you do for living if you weren’t an actress?
    (I work in social services with mentally handicapped people)
    You are my favourite actress of all time. I love your movies and I enjoy them after hard work 🙂
    You are such a brilliant actress!!! THANK YOU!!!
    I LOVE YOU 🙂
    Best wishes from Czech republic.

  65. Sara Smithers

    Hi Dina! I love watching you perform! My husband and I both loved you in Starship Troopers and we both wish that Carmen had died and you end up with Johnny instead. I would love to add your autograph to my collection so I was wondering if there is an address I can send something to you to sign please?

  66. Michael Makridis

    Happy belated Birthday, beautiful. All the best 🙂

  67. Boris Stoyanov

    Happy belated Birthday!!!

    You have been an inspiration! I am a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan!! And in turn a huge fan of your work!! In part You are responsible for who i am today! As a young boy, growing up in a post communist country, watching Your movies allowed me to escape in a place where my only limits were set by my own imagination and not by someone else. Through the inspiration You and Your fellow colleagues have empowered me with allowed me dream, And thanks to those dreams I pushed myself further than i ever thought possible regardless of where i was and how tough life was around me..[deep breath]…as romantically awkward and as personally emotional this is it is also the inevitable truth… beauty does inspire! and You Ms Mayer have inspired me!!! Despite that we have never met or that we never will, please know that You have stood beside me through [surviving] high school, through immigration to the United States, through couple of college degrees, through becoming a citizen of the free word, and now through working in technology on projects that will shape the future! Thank You for helping a boy find his path to become a man!! Thank you for being a part of my life!! I love you! Godspeed and from the bottom of my heart i wish you all the best!!!

    I bow to you in respect and gratefulness !

  68. Terry Cochran

    Hi Dina! I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and happy holidays. MY both be joyest.

  69. Magali Gressier

    Hi Dina, I wish you a happy birthday, and I wish you a good holiday fr end of years. big kisses from France

  70. Olivia

    Hey Mrs Dina,
    Hope you’re doing well. I must say, you’re a very talented actress. I love all of your movies.
    I was wondering, what your views on massage therapy were, and if you incorporated it in your health regiment. Take care, and God Bless you!!!

  71. adil

    My love for you is like the raging sea,
    So powerful and deep it will forever be.
    Through storm, wind, and heavy rain,
    It will withstand every pain.
    Our hearts are so pure and love so sweet.
    I love you more with every heartbeat!

  72. Frisco Sullivan

    Hi Dina, you are beautiful person and great actress, I wish I could see you at a con but they are always too far. Is there a site I can buy an autographed picture of you?

  73. Michael Makridis

    Hi, Dina.

    Just writing in to let you know that, although I found you making quite a presence in films such as the Saw series, I always think of you as Dizzy Flores. You captured my attention back then, and twenty one years later, nothing’s changed.

    Thank you, and all the best!

  74. Hello Mrs. Meyer, It’s really nice to write to you… I hope you are really the person reading or writing comments.
    I’m Spanish man living in Andalusia and I was born on December 30, 1963 (Capricorn as you). I saw you for the first time in “Beverly Hills, 90210”. Some years later I was in Slovakia during the filming of Dragonheart. I love that country and lived there for some years.
    I love your filmography, especially Johnny Mnemonic and Starship Troopers. I saw your captivated participation on Castle too. But today, at this time, I’m watching Dragonheart on TV. I confess that films about knights fascinate me, maybe because of my family origins.
    I have to admit that you also have mesmerized me all my life, not only for your interpretative qualities but also for your unattainable beauty, a dream for the rest of the mortals. I always get lost in the depths of your eyes.
    I’m glad I finally wrote to you… after 25 years.
    Respectfully yours

  75. Hi Dina,

    I hope this post finds you well. You are beautiful! There, I just wanted to say that up front. I’ve been a fan of yours ever since I first saw you in Starship Troopers. I thought you were great as Diz. More recently, I saw you in your spot on Code Black, and almost didn’t recognize you, since you were playing a very different character. You have a very enviable ability to blend into your roles, which bespeaks of how talented you are! And more latterly I just saw your performance as the Stone Queen in “The Magicians,” which was just awesome. You are a great actor; you have the ability that not many actors do, to just blend into your character and “become” them. Even with someone as beautiful as you, still you can become almost unrecognizable during your performance, and get into the role so much that who you “really” are becomes secondary to what you can “really” perform. So, yes, definitely, I am an admirer of yours–hell, write me down as a fanboy! I love your work, period, full stop. And I love you.

  76. Frisco Sullivan

    How can I get an autographed pic of you?

  77. Russ Finley

    Would you like to see Birds of pray make a come back? Got to see it the other day and I thought it was very good.

  78. Wesley Marsh

    I think you are the most beautiful actress in Hollywood!! I am a retired State Trooper and have provided VIP security in the past. Do you have a full time security staff, or do you hire them in different locations? I would be interested if you were ever in Georgia!!

  79. Scott singer

    If you want a change of pace to turkey that is low fat, tasty, plentiful, and easy to digest…. use ground venison. I’m sure there are plenty who could supply you.

  80. Ben

    Hi Dina, been a fan for many years. Really enjoyed Starship Troopers (obviously) but I have to give you some props for your part in Federal Protection!
    Can you clear up a discussion my wife and I were having? I remember seeing you with a belly button ring, and she says you never had one. Did you? Dumb question, and I’m probably wrong! Thank you for all your great work and taking the time to read my silly question

  81. I thought this was the question section; anyway, why do you live in California?

  82. Hi, I was wondering, out of every movie you’ve been in, which one was your favorite?

  83. Paul Cairns

    The Affair got you back on my radar…you look awesome and I really hope your character, along with TM, continue in the story…so many possibilities..

  84. Jon T.

    Hello Ms. Meyer. It was awesome getting to meet you at the Star Trek Convention Las Vegas.
    Although my favorite character of yours is Dizzy Flores, do you enjoy portraying a hero/good person or an evil villain/bad person? Which has been more fun for you to portray? I have asked two other actors this question and both told me being the evil villain was a lot more fun. Thank you and live well.
    An acting question from a curious person. Jon

  85. debbie ireland

    I ordered several movies of hers from Ebay that just came to me today as a matter of fact. Crimes Of Passion, Dirty Doctor and Lethal Seduction are not available on dvd in the U.S. Walmart has the dvd player I hear that plays all international dvd’s that are not sold here. It is a special player. I may get one of them. Let us know if you find the dvd.

  86. Gray Poe

    i always try to watch in whatever you have a role . I just watched Evil Doctor on my DVR-Cable box. I really enjoyed it and thought you did a wonderful job. It was shown on LMN. Are there any plans to put that on DVD? I checked with Amazon and it’s not listed there at all. Just know that I think very highly of you and think you are very talented.! I have several of your movies on Amazon and probably 2 copies of Starship Trouper –the movie that I first became your fan. Thanks for having a site where your fans can communicate with you!!

  87. Allen Bumgarner

    Long time fan just wondering if I could get an autographed picture of you.

  88. Sciopar


    Your sooooo fine!! Enough said! Absolutely stunning.. you get more edible with age! Your peach I would gladly eat for hours 🙂 lol.



    • Dina:

      I so agree with Sciopar. You are a beautiful woman and excellent actress. I would give anything for an autographed photo. Regardless, I am trying to see all the roles you are in. Can you update where I could see Turbulence. I have not seen that movie and would love to see it. The other update question is that you are scheduled to appear on a Code Black, do you know the date of that?

  89. debbie ireland

    Hi Dina. I watch the Lifetime channel and your movies there are the best as well as on Showtime and many others.Thank you for the great acting that you give to the movie industry. My question to you is this. I have tried Ebay and other sources to locate several movies you are in for my collection but they do not offer them anymore in America unless a person has a certain type of dvd player to play them in America and a few other countries. Do you have any suggestions to where I can buy the ones I am looking for and can not get due to being unplayable here in the states on a regular dvd player? I am looking for Evil Doctor, Fatal Seduction, and Crimes Of Passion to complete my collection. I tried Amazon and they too have the ones not for a regular dvd player. Lifetime used to sell the movies I believe but I do not see them selling htem anymore unless it is at a different location. If you can shed a light on this would be most appreciated. Where can fans obtain an autograph photo of you?

    • Igor Kransher

      Hello Dina!
      I don’t have a question, I just want to share it with you.
      When my daughter was born I decided to call her Dina! She is only 8 years old and she’s a real daredevil!!! Sometimes I call her Dizzy))
      What I want to say is that your character in Starship troopers has greatly influenced my perception of women as strong and independent individuals and my understanding that the woman you love can also be your best friend, support, and help. (When I first saw this movie I was 10 years old).

      P.S: You and Dizz will always be my first and only on-movie screen crush.
      Thank you for this!

  90. Hi Dina do you ever see Jennifer Beals? you two are my fav. actors. Learned so much from both.

  91. Ben

    Hello Dina, Loved you in Johnny Mnemonic but Starship Troopers is one of my favorite movie since i was 7. The cast was excellent, (i miss the 90’s) and you’re an awesome actress.

    I’ve always thought Diz was one of the most amazing and interesting character (you made the show) in this movie and is still inspiring to me. I’m glad to see that you aged very well and i wish every woman should wear that smile.

    But i would like to know more ! Would you like to play a role in a futur Star Wars movie ? Would/Do you like to play as a vilainess ? And the last but very serious question, i read somewhere that you like to go in France, would you like to plan it again ?

    (Fun fact, i’m from North-eastern France and there are lots of “Meyer”s out there, but none has been as Dina ! 🙁 )

    Would you like to know more ? Each time i watch the movie and see Rico decline a dance with Diz, it makes me wanna dance with you 😀

    Cheers !

  92. Chuck

    Hi DIna! I am intrigued to know more about your ethical, society improving mindset! It’s refreshingly rare these days. Yeh, I know this comment is “out of left field”. So I guess my questions are: “How many people do you know that you can have a RESPECTFUL difference of opinion with these days without arguing?”&, based on my below comments, ‘Do you have any additional thoughts on your heartwarming views?” Your views that I am referring to heartwarmingly leaped out of your blog entry re: your driving incident like a ray of sunshine breaking through a dark, cloudy day. Not many people in this world would attempt to RESPECTFULLY clarify any misunderstanding in the midst of a tense situation, but YOU did! I 100% agree with your perfectly articulated, “A difference of opinion can make for compelling conversation. We don’t have to agree with one another to RESPECT one another.’ I am writing to you because I just wrote a piece on this topic as part of a related July 4/Independence Day conversation in which I offer a society improving SOLUTION 4 everyone’s consideration. I am not a writer nor a celebrity blogger. I am a really private person who just wanted to take a few moments to recognize your attempted random act of kindness. I believe in people like you. Always have. Always will. I was honestly taken back by what you tried to do that day while being rudely addressed. It was inspiring as were your subsequent comments that I quoted above. You are welcome to email me back any additional thoughts you may have on this topic and/or my below perspectives. The title of the similar topic I responded to ended in the words “FOR ALL’ and as you will read below, my thoughts all flowed from those all important two words. I hope you enjoy it. I apologize 4 the length of this & 4 my “out of the box” comment , but am taking a leap of faith here that you will appreciate knowing you are not alone in our shared yearning 4 more examples of kindness, respect & compassion 4 one another REGARDLESS of differences of opinion on an array of topics. Okay, here it is in its entirety (written July 6, 2018):

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for opening the discussion on this extremely important topic! So much to dive into here. I would like to begin by honing in on the last two words in your title which begins my thought process here … “FOR ALL”. Two simple words. One life motto. One simple guiding standard that encompasses the many modern interpretations of independence, freedom, patriotism, and the host of today’s hot topic social issues. I too have no desire to discuss any specific political issue here. Now I am not the type of person who claims to know everything about everything. However, one thing I am certain of is that people of strongly held differing opinions (pretty much near everybody these days) SHARE the goal of addressing emotional wounding to HEAL themselves, their homes, their families, their divided neighborhoods, their communities, their nation, and their planet. The problem is everyone passionately & compassionately rallies behind whatever their truths are to help & protect certain groups of people suffering from particular heartbreaking hardships pertinent to certain personal and societal issues, while simultaneously NOT showing anywhere close to EQUAL passion & compassion “FOR ALL” the people suffering from equally particular heartbreaking hardships that are the truths of the people who so often disagree with them regarding those very same personal and societal issues. Okay, that was a mouthful. Said another way, so much personal & societal emotional wounding & divisiveness occurs because the overwhelming majority of people these days seem to only care about what they care about. The only truth that I am passionate and compassionate about is the fact that re: almost every important issue, there are good people suffering on both sides of every issue. Everyone wants to heal. But where do we all begin and how? We begin by sharing our passion and compassion as EQUALLY as possible and “FOR ALL” in its literal interpretation, that’s where and that’s how. I submit it’s in each and every person’s control to DO MORE for the victims of the personal & societal issues we have fundamental DISAGREEMENTS with!!!! The “U” in USA is the most important letter ‘FOR ALL’ of us to support. But it must be earned with EQUAL passion and compassion “FOR ALL’! Today’s “us against them” and the “I’m 100% correct about everything” entrenched mentalities can begin to be transformed into a one “FOR ALL” mentality by humble people who are willing to lead by heartwarming example. It all can start in our homes, in our families, in our neighborhoods, and in our communities. I wholeheartedly believe the most effective way to enact change is to win the hearts of those you disagree with by passionately and compassionately caring about their hardships. Then we can ALL declare our independence UNITED with a dedicated and shared desire to improve the lives of all, “FOR ALL”!

    Imagine for a moment where ALL neighborhoods and communities have an established culture of its people taking the time to passionately and compassionately help those they strongly and respectfully disagree with. Pretty cool, huh? Discrimination, spewed profanity, crime, hate, divisive “humor’, unethically partisan spun commentaries, and all other forms of society obliterating conduct would plummet. Decade long problems would speed towards lasting solutions. Imagine turning on your television and EVERY cable newscast includes heartwarming stories of people helping people who do not share their talking points. Imagine communities and neighborhoods that hug & high five each other throughout the election process because EVERYONE knows regardless of who wins, EVERYONE will remain committed to improving EVERYONE’s life in every way imaginable. Imagine two friends sitting on a back porch and while respectfully discussing their disagreements and emotional wounds, they each ask the same question, “What can I do to help you?” Imagine no one ever getting “hot under the collar” over any issue because of an established culture of helping reciprocity “FOR ALL” thy neighbors to heal their old and current wounds. Imagine that.

    Okay, back to today’s reality and my fear that our neighborhoods, communities, and beyond are nearing a hopelessly divided era. On July 4, I walked into a health food neighborhood store wearing a blue hat that had an American flag and a bald eagle on it. I was getting ready to go enjoy some fireworks in a few hours. There were no political words on the hat and I wore it because well, I LOVE America even with all its imperfections. July 4 has always been my favorite holiday and I LOVE to see all the smiling faces and happy families and communities cheer “FOR ALL” the good this day represents. Again, not taking any political stance here on any issue. I approached a food counter to purchase a yummy kabob. The man working behind the counter took one long look at my hat and gave me an ice cold stare. He certainly did not know anything about me nor I him. All he received from me was politeness, a warm thank you, and well wishes to have a pleasant evening. He never said a word back to me and when he handed me the kabob he quickly turned and walked away in disgust. The next day, July 5, I went back to the same store, I approached the counter and asked him how he was doing. The substance of the conversation is irrelevant, but I left the store having made a new friend. This is just one example of how TANGIBLE hope can replace the hopeless feeling of divisiveness. Were my new friend’s emotional wounds healed? Nah, not even close, but I have a few ideas how to make him a bit happier in spirit. I did get a “I was wrong about you” during our subsequent conversation. I’ll take that and I’ll make sure to reach over the counter and give him a high five EVERY time I see him. I LOVE the USA because I live here with the freedom to be my best self and to help improve lives, heal wounds, and unite people to do a bit more good “FOR ALL”! Enjoy the second half of 2018 everyone! Cherish moments. HELP thy neighbor you disagree with re: a variety of issues. Heal wounds. Live. Love. Laugh. Find a way to build bridges AND hold onto your deepest truth! There is ALWAYS A WAY to remain on a path of integrity, authenticity, and accountability and share those wonderful qualities to the benefit of those who hold steadfast to their differing opinions and deepest truths. If each of us becomes committed to internalizing the suffering of those who don’t agree with all our life-improving ideas and then help them in some ways never before considered, then there will be a lot less reconciling of stress- charged emotions necessary because there will be a lot less angry people living in conflict with the opinions of others. With applied equal passion and compassion “FOR ALL” we can all unite in peace in our USA!!

    Dina, I will not write any future lengthy comments here or anywhere else on your site. As I said above, I believe in something called TANGIBLE hope 4 a better tomorrow and what you attempted to do that day, to DE-ESCALATE anger with kindness, is something I truly respect. THANK YOU 4 listening.

  93. John

    Hi Dina,

    Thanks for letting us fans ask you various questions. I’ve just observed, throughout your career, that you have allowed your natural (beautiful, gorgeous) appearance to be altered. I am thinking, of course, of Star Trek Nemesis most famously, but also the difference between, say, Starship Troopers and the Saw films (damn them for killing your character, btw!), or even the difference between your ORacle appearance and your Code Black appearance… you seem to remarable talent for changing your look! I was just wondering if this was intentional, or if it was just a matter of letting the makeup and costume artists do their work? I honestly didn’t recognize you until halfway through your Code Black appearance, but I knew that you looked “vaguely familiar” all along, *lol*. I’m just wondering if it’s intentional, or even if it’s something you are/were aware of, or if it’s just an effect of the amazing talents of those you work with? Love your work! (Hugs)!

    • Part of the fun of playing these different characters is looking different.
      The look (hair, make-up and wardrobe) of the character, contributes greatly to the role.
      It would be kinda weird to see Dizzy Flores playing the Senator’s wife in Code Black, wouldn’t it?

  94. Just saw that you will be at Crypticon in Minneapolis this October. Super excited about that. If you need a chiropractor while in town, can I be that chiropractor?

  95. Dan

    I loved you in starship troopers. you were the girl that liked johnny and he like that denise something (Richards – I know). I always though you were a lot prettier than her and still are.

  96. Hi Dina,
    I was bitten by the acting bug late in life. I’m also trying to fit it in with my career as a police sergeant. Any advice on getting more opportunities in a smaller market?
    Take care,

  97. Sean

    Hey Dina,

    Did anyone ever tell you that they fell in love with you when they saw you in Starship Troopers?

  98. Wesley

    I just wanted to start by saying, I think you are one of the most natural looking women in Hollywood!! Pure Beauty!! What was your first major role?



  100. Lauren B

    You are very alluring in your acting roles. Do you you find yourself alluring in real life?

  101. Keith Bell

    Hello Dina. The Mrs and I just watched the LMN movie, Evil Doctor. And once again I was struck by your performance. Of all characters you have portrayed thus far in your career, which one stands out to you as the most difficult and why?

  102. Mariano

    Hi Dina ? , i’m from Argentina, how can i get your autograph ? Please, i love you very much. I’m from buenos aires ?

  103. Mariano

    Hi Dina , i’m from Argentina, how can i get your autograph ? 🙂 Please, i love you very much. I’m from buenos aires 😉

  104. Fitnesschick927

    Hello Dina!
    I enjoyed watching you in the films, Crazy Eights and the Saw series. I can’t wait to see the new thriller you’ll be in. I also like that you are into fitness! Great lifestyle. By the way, your hair is flawless! Is it naturally curly? Or naturally straight? ?

  105. Jeff

    Love your work. Do you accept Through the Mail Autograph Requests?


    • Kathy

      Hi Dina:
      My question: Is it common to have low back pain while doing the plank? Bear with me here’s a little background that might be helpful. I started doing planks a couple of days ago, just 1 per day & I can hold it for 2 minutes but during the last minute I start having low back pain. I believe my form is correct as I rewatched your video to make sure my form was good. I am 49 years young ?and an avid runner who logs 40-45 miles running 6 days per week so low back pain isn’t new to me it’s common with runners , but definitely more intense when I’m doing the plank. I’m trying to strengthen/tone my core and arms since I got the legs & cardio covered. P. S. There’s no denying the planks, dancing, snow boarding, etc. has really paid off for you, as you are really stunning and a great actress. I’m going to rewatch evil doctor on April 20th your so good at being bad?

  106. Ann C.

    I loved the movie, Evil Doctor. How did you and Lindsay Hartley feel about doing the lesbian scene? it was hot! LOL You both are very beautiful. I enjoy all of your movies. You’re wonderful! What is your favorite scent…favorite cologne/perfume? Best wishes to you always and I look forward to the next movie 🙂 Take care.

    • Thank you, Ann!

      Filming a love scene for the most part, can be very awkward regardless of which gender one is filming it with. Ours was particularly so, because not only did we have odd blocking and obstacles to deal with on set, we also had only just met one another about an hour prior to shooting.

      Regarding fragrance, I tend to gravitate toward the warm and spicy. Which kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? ;P

      I’m glad you enjoyed the movie.

  107. Dina, how have you been? Certainly, very well, ever.

    What do you felt when you saw the scene where Dizzy Flowers dead?

    Certainly, that scene “stirred” many people and still it each time that is saw. It a mine curiosity know about it. What i thinked about that scene was much intrinscecous, a mixture of pride and mourning. Was epic, just!

    Thanks for you exists, “Dizzy Flowers”!



    I am eager to see the next season of the Affair.. I have been watching since the beginning. I also enjoyed you in Starship Troopers and SAW. My question is, Do you accept fan mail requests for autographs? I have some SAW Actors/Actresses Autographs from Shawnee Smith, Danny Glover, Costas Mandylor and Mark Rolston. I was wanting to send to you. Thanks for your time and looking for to The Affair new season.

  109. Hi! I was following a Vudu ad, which popped one of your movies, which prompted a link, blah blah, then to your webpage. Never been on a fansite before. Saw you’re an advocate for motorcycle safety. So, I was taking my MSF and went down HARD and my head bounced and I got dragged about 25ft. Didn’t realize I separated my shoulder, so I finished the course and got my license. Ow. My armour jacket didn’t arrive in time, but the helmet and gloves saved my butt (face) and hands. I can’t imagine if I were going 55. At any rate, I saw your tweet, thought it was great that you put it out there, so thanks!

  110. Mark Stevens-Powell

    Hi Dina, what has been your favourite movie to work on? And also, when are you next at a UK comic con? It would be great to meet you.

    Keep dancing and enjoying life.

    Mark x

    • Hi Mark!

      I really love what I do and every production is just so unique, it’s difficult for me to pick a favorite.

      My fans are awesome and I love meeting them. Upcoming appearances will always posted in the NEWS section, and most likely shared on social media as well.

      Thanks for the post.

  111. Hi Dina,
    Not a question but rather a comment/personal statement on how i ended up here.

    I was watching some ‘saw’ clips out of sheer bordom, even though ive watched the movie already once. What fell into my eyes – you. You playing the female detective while they were interrogating jigsaw. Even when i first watched the movie a long time ago, i became incredebly drawn to you. And now, since the past 3 years basically, ive been exploring my identity a lot.
    I saw you now the second time and just thought ‘wow, she’s ridicolous hot’. Somehow i fell so incredebly drawn to you. I read your wikipedia page and to my delight you are jewish, too! =) im so happy to see as beautiful women as you being part of our people.

    Just a thought i feel like sharing.

  112. Joe Santos

    I just watched “Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars”. Was that supposed to be Dizzy’s ghost or was Johnny hallucinating?


    • Pragasette

      It was Carl telepathically sending John images of Dizzy to motivate him and get him back to the mission.
      Who wouldn’t get motivated by a pic of Dina’s!

  113. Warren


    I have been a fan for years. Where can I get an autographed picture of you?

  114. Matty Taphorn

    All my wife wants for our anniversary is a necklace similar to the one you wore in the movie Crimes of Passion. It has a black rope with 2 square looking pieces, one small and one large. I am a guy so obviously don’t know where to start. Any info you could provide me would be great! Ever since she saw you in that movie, we have now been on a Dina Meyer renting spree. Thank you!

    • Hi Matty!

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the films.

      That particular movie was filmed almost 15 years ago so I doubt you’ll find the exact piece. But I reached out to the costume designer and was told that it came from a designer named Agatha Paris. I hope this helps.

      Good Luck!
      Happy Anniversary!

  115. Chet

    Hey Dina! First of all, I want to say that you’re amazing and I’m a big fan of yours! What has been your most challenging role so far?

  116. Keith Kube

    Just happened to view your bio on IMDB and noticed that we grew up in the same town.
    Nice to see someone from the old neighborhood.

  117. Terry Cochran

    Happy birthday beautiful!!!

  118. John Abate

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a happy holiday season. Finally got to meet you at Dragoncon Atlanta and you were delightful. Loved the panel with you and Casper and Patrick. Hilarious! Thank you for being there!

  119. Gressier Magali

    hello Dina I wish you a happy birthday and I wish you a merry christmas kisses

  120. A joyous Hanukah to you, Dina. Here’s a delicate question for you, if you choose to entertain it: Given your Jewish heritage, did you ever feel ill at ease about playing a soldier serving a regime that had a noticeable echo of, if not specifically Nazi Germany, then certainly militaristic Fascism?

  121. Frank Warner

    Hi Dina, just wanted to tell you what a beautiful and talented actress you are. Still remember your performance on “Criminal Minds”. Brilliant! Do you prefer working on cable or network shows more? Thank you!!

  122. Mark Tervo

    What was working with the cast of NCIS like?

  123. Amir Lauber

    Hi, Dina.
    Any plans to direct?

  124. Jack Williams

    Dear Ms. Dina Meyer,
    Hello! My name is Jack Williams and I’m a 12 year old boy. I’m a huge fan of you and your work, and think you are extremely talented. If I wanted to send you a fan letter and request your autograph, where would I send it. Please email me with the address at my school email:
    [email protected]
    Thank you for reading my email.
    Happy Holidays, Your Fan,
    Jack Williams

  125. Chris M

    Hello Dina!

    I’ve been watching all of the Saw films again this year and just wanted to say I loved your performance as detective Kerry. She was a great character and it’s too bad they didn’t have her in more of the franchise. I hope you had a lot of fun on set with everyone! I will enjoy your future projects!

  126. Gressier Magali

    bonjour Dina
    je voudrais savoir si vous êtes deja venu en France , si non avez vous un jour l’envie de venir dans notre beau pays .

    • Salut Magali!

      Mais oui, j’avais envie d’aller!

      Actuellement, je suis allee a l’universite a Paris. Ca fait tres longtemps,
      mais le semestre que j’etais en France etaient magique et la vie change.
      Je l’aime.

  127. Evgeni

    Hi Dina,
    I feel that you are a woman who performs almost only good deeds throughout life (you seem to me a high moral woman with principles). Question: Are you a real angel? If not – can you say at least one reason why – no? For example, an action for which you are ashamed?
    P.S. I am just looking for a reason not to love you so much and give all my love for my girlfriend. 🙂

  128. Dear Ms. Meyer,

    Given that you served under Captain Dale Dye, United States Marine Corps, for a brief period of time, perhaps it’s quasi-appropriate that I wish you happy Veteran’s Day.

    I’m glad I found your website. Unlike my recent messages to you on Twitter, I can write grammatically complete sentences here. I attempted to post an earlier version of what follows on Facebook but for some reason it didn’t take. I’ll try again here.

    If you please, I have a few questions I wish to ask you about the art of acting as it pertains to your portrayal of Dizzy in “Starship Troopers.” I ask you to please be patient with my long and prolix lead-up to my questions. I feel it is important to make clear, in detail, the background for my questions if my questions are to mean anything. Here it goes:

    I have a fascination for the movie “Starship Troopers” in general and for the character Dizzy in particular for the following reasons. I’m a retired U.S. Army career soldier with twenty years of service to include four tours of duty in Iraq. As a veteran, I am struck by the mirror image of the real-world military which is displayed in the imaginary world of “Starship Troopers.” I first saw this movie in a theater full of real-world soldiers and the audience response was vocally and loudly positive. Captain Dale Dye obviously did his job. Also, my career coincided with the full integration of women into the U.S. Army. During the mid-1980s, I was a male cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point when the first female cadets were admitted there. And now, in 2017, the U.S. Army has female soldiers in the Infantry, not merely in the rear area support services. (As a parenthetical aside, I have to wonder, is the famous shower scene a portent of the U.S. Army’s real-world near future? Females bunking intermingled with males in a big, open barracks room was an angrily contentious issue in one support unit where I had friends. The junior ranking males and females were perfectly happy with it but the male-dominated senior ranks eventually put a stop to it. The senior ranks insisted on gender-segregated barracks. I was in all-male units until late in my career.) When I see Dizzy, I see the top five percent of my female classmates at West Point and the top five percent of the females I have known in the Army generally. You nailed it and thanks for a great job of acting.

    Now then: Dizzy’s death and funeral are the dramatic crisis of the movie. People who have been watching the movie in a jocular mood to that point receive a sudden and unexpected emotional kick in the guts. There is a certain school of critics—with whom I vehemently disagree—who dismiss “Starship Troopers” as juvenile comic book schlock. Those critics be damned. When Dizzy is dying, the movie achieves full-force dramatic seriousness as a commentary on the tragedy of war. The centrality of Dizzy’s death to the meaning and value of the movie drive the following five questions:

    1. When Dizzy says, “Johnny, don’t let me go,” is she displaying fear of the abyss of death in front of her?

    2. Is there a suggestion of panic in Dizzy’s voice inflection when she speaks that line?

    3. Are Dizzy’s saying “don’t let me go,” and her voice inflection in saying it, true to her character as it has been built up to that point?
    4. In your actor’s professional judgement, how would that scene have worked if Dizzy had calmly said, “Johnny, you have to let me go”?

    5. Johnny could have desperately replied, “No, Diz, no, I’ll never let you go,” as Dizzy expires in his arms. How do you think that would have worked?

    Ms. Meyer, thanks profoundly for taking the time to follow me thus far.

    A big U.S. Army “Hooah!” to you,
    Stephen W. Richey

  129. May Stamper

    Hi Dina what would be your favorite role to play?

  130. Joe Santos

    Hi Dina, With all the news about Harvey Weinstein, I was just curious is you ever worked with him or his company and what are your thoughts about all this? Gives Hollywood a bad light.

    • I’ve never worked with him.

      As a kid from NYC, I had to grow up very fast.
      My parents taught me very well.

      Predators are everywhere… not just in Hollywood.
      Male or female, one has to be smart.

  131. Chase Hardin

    Hi Dina!!! I have been a big fan since I was 7 years old when I first watched Starship Troopers and actually had the biggest crush on you whenever you played Dizzy lol. But anyway, my question is Whenever you were in Starship Troopers, what was the funniest moment that ever happened while on the set? Much love and respect Dina xoxo

    • Hi Chase!

      The funniest moment on set, was definitely the shower scene.
      Paul wanted us all to get more comfortable with the group nudity.
      He couldn’t understand what the big deal was for us to be naked in mixed company.

      I opened my big mouth, and basically dared him to join us, if it was no big deal…
      And he did. (along with Jost Vacano, our DP)
      Yup, that happened.

  132. hi Dina! I remember you in 90210 and became a huge fan of your work? IS THERE ANY ROLE THAT YOU’VE WANT TO MAKE THAT U HAVEN’T DONE? Specific Roles like Social Activists of Journalists such as Daphne Caruana Galizia the journalist which was killed investigating the Panama Papers of Women in the late 1800’S and early 1900’s during the Industrial Boom in Great Britain?

  133. Brett

    Dina! Recently saw you in Girlfriend Killer and thought you looked exactly the same from your 90210 days! 1- What is your one skin product you swear by. 2- What are your memories from filming 90210 between takes with the first class (Doherty, Preistly, etc)? 🙂 Thanks! Brett

    • Hi Brett.

      1- I believe good skin comes from living a healthy lifestyle, including drinking plenty of water, and staying out of the sun.
      2- I have many fond 90210 memories- too many to list.

      Thank you for your post!

      • Brett

        Thanks so much Dina! Season 4 of 90210 is my favorite and you were a big part of the arc-ending for that season. I always love seeing your when you pop up in my DVR. Have a blessed rest of 17′, hope to see you (on TV) soon! Always, Brett

  134. Alexander

    Hi Dina from Tomsk. I just want to say that I greatly admire you. Thank you for all your work in the cinema. btw, you have a very beautiful smile.


  135. Dear Ms. Meyer, I understand from a question and answer session you gave that you took up scuba diving because you are afraid of the water. I volunteered for U.S. Army Airborne (parachute jumping) School because I am afraid of heights. Good for us both, I’d say. Happy bubble-making in the deep!

  136. Mike Petrarca

    Who is the person you would most want to meet from history and from the present?

  137. May Stamper

    cooking oops.8

  138. May Stamper

    Hi Dina do you plan on keeping the coking show going? Have got into shape with your recipes and walking. When are you coming to Chicago? Sincerely may

  139. Dr. Sandy Siegel

    Dina, the Urologist here. I was waiting for you for break fast!, Baltimore style. Have a happy and healthy year. I enjoyed the plane ride to Baltimore!

    • DR. SANDY!
      Thanks again for the invite. I really wanted to try those famous scrambled eggs of yours!
      Hope your fast was easy; and please say hi to Jane for me. (38 years❤️)
      I hope my memory serves me well. ??
      Happy New Year to you both!

  140. Mitch Morrow

    I’m a very big fan of yours and wish you would come up to our “FanExpo” in Vancouver Canada But they haven’t done all the guest picks yet

    My question for you what’s the best way to write to you for an autograph photo. That I could send to you❓

    Thankyou Mitch

  141. May Stamper

    Hi Dina,have u ever went sky diving/ Looks like a lot of fun.

  142. James

    greetings from Anchorage Alaska… been a while. got myself booted off twitter for pissing that guy off who happened to make it into the whitehouse. Won’t bother to waste my time mention, typing, writing or uttering his name.

    We got off on the wrong foot a while ago about your eyes. I apologized, then stepped out of the conversation. I feel that I offended you in some way and have felt badly about it since. I have a lifelong habit of sticking my foot in my mouth, than a huge struggle getting it out. At age 61, almost 62 now, that isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

    What is your most recent film work these days Ms Meyer? I have to tell you at least once, then won’t say it again. I tried before but not very successfully. I believe that your acting talent extends well beyond anything that we have seen you do. You are more than just a pretty face and you have more to offer the picture entertainment world. I became convinced when I watched your dying scene on SST… It was chilling and one of the most convincing dying scenes I’d ever watched. Your portrayal of a Romulan star cruiser officer “Commander” was exceptional. I find some of your choices a bit questioning, but I have no doubt to your acting ability. You are more than what you bring to the acting table, and you have so much more to give… I know it. You are lovely, a good actor that borders on being a great one and a very intelligent woman. I hope your ventures in life are fulfilling and worthwhile.

    After posting this, I will bow out of your website and bother you no longer. I think that one encounter with me was plenty don’t you? Peace be with you, and please be well.


    James Williams
    Anchorage Alaska

  143. Eddie Neves

    Hi Dina, I had the pleasure and honor to meet you at this year’s Dragon Con in Atlanta. I was the guy dressed as Negan, with the baseball bat. You were unsurprisingly friendly and a joy to talk to, and also you are a gorgeous woman!! I was literally shaking in my boots! Just want to say thank you for your amazing work and that your website is beautifully designed.. will you be attending next year’s Dragon Con?

    • Hi Eddie!
      It was great to meet you. I don’t have any info regarding next year’s appearances, but be sure to check back as news, updates, and appearances are always posted in the NEWS section of .

  144. Will

    Just recently saw Starship Troopers after what? 20 years, wow time flies. You sort of stole the show in that movie. Glad to see you’re still working and kicking butt in life. You know I hope that you get to work with Keanu again. Weird you both barely aged.

  145. Henry

    I have followed you in Star Trek: Nemesis, Johnny Mnemonic , Lethal Seduction. I even watched Bats. But your cooking videos on periscope are the best. How have you been able to be approachable?

  146. Cole

    Hey Dina,

    Married guy so N,I. What do you think of Hollywood? You strike me as an extremely attractive, talented, older women, but you dont get much work. Is there a bias against attractive older women? Tom Cruise is in his fifties and he still gets star billing even though his movies are marginal. I would like to hear your take, although I get it, you have to be careful.

  147. May Stamper

    Hey Dina, what is your worst pet peeve dealing with the public? love your movies and your cooking shows.

  148. Chris

    Hi, I have a few personal questions for you..
    Are you single?
    Would you consider to date guy who is half your age?
    Are you more attracted to younger guys or older?
    Have you ever traveled in Europe for vacation?
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  149. Azure Dreams

    Oh my god… can’t believe I wrote kiss in there… omg what do you expect? I was a teenager then lolololol –

  150. Azure Dreams

    Dear Dina Meyer,
    Ever since I watched you in Starship Troopers as a teenager I fell in love. I daydreamed on the bus of how I would adventure with you and laugh and hug while we do funny stuff like roll around in stardust and chase each other in green fields…. lolol

    I am grown up now and happily married now and I just wish to say to you to be happy and healthy and live life to the fullest!! You just living your life and being there is great to know that somewhere that my teenage wish has a happy reminiscence! If that makes sense lol. Just dont end up being a drunk or getting-your-life-back-together-celeb because then, well, just look me up and I’ll motivate you by making sure you drink healthy fruit juice everyday and get to the gym daily or something. I dont know lol. Anyways I guess I have to ask a question… Whats your most favorite career you acted as?

  151. Jessie Cisneros

    Howdy Dina, big fan, and loved your role in Starship Troopers. You should come check out Montana sometime.

  152. Daniel

    Hi Dina,

    I’m a big horror- and action-movie-fan from Germany and one of my favourite movies is Starship Troopers.

    In 1997 when the movie was released, I still was very young, but from the first view on I really appreciated your amazing character. I always asked me: What the f… is wrong with Rico? Why doesn’t he start something up with Dizzy? She’s a lot more amazing than Carmen is 😀

    But seriously: Do you know the event “House of Horrors” (until couple of weeks ago it was called “Weekend of Hell”) in Germany?

    So may I ask you if you planed to join this event at some time, or maybe the German ComicCon, to give your German fans the possibility to meet you?

    I would be very glad if you could give me a reply.

    Regards to US

    xo Daniel

  153. Allen

    You are still gorgeous Dina. I’m watching Starship Troopers with my son of 12 and we both love the character you portrayed. i’m not a movie/film star buff, but i had to look you up. Congratulations on your fan friendly web site and your natural beauty. My son and I just made a bowie knife with my son. We’ll be practicing tossing it tommorrow. Good Luck, Ms Meyers

  154. Kristi Deal

    I loved your episode of CSI, what was it like working with Alex Carter and the crew?

  155. Eric

    I noticed that you are revising your role as Dizz in the new Starship Troopers film, “Traitor of Mars”. How was it reuniting with Casper Van Dien after twenty years? Also, is there any chance for you to make an appearance in the reboot that is supposed to be in the works?

  156. Honestly:
    I really dont know why finished in your website but okey..
    If you one day visit Spain (I live in Canary Islands) and want to enyoy, “tapas”, “cañas”, “sangría ” and “paella”, write to my mail….I’m the perfect “connaisseur”!!!
    Would be interesting to talk with someone like you.

    Anyway…good luck in your life

  157. Michael Deere

    I’m pretty sure I just saw you on an episode of Kingdom. Was that You? If so looking better than ever. Take care.

  158. Drew

    So according to your wikipedia you’re voicing Dizzy in an upcoming Starship Troopers movie. Is this true? I assume it would have to be some kind of ghost character.

  159. David Zuppe

    I have had a crush on you since 1997 and I think it’s time to take our relationship to the next level.
    Will you Marry me ?
    Please check Yes, No, or Maybe lol
    Forever Yours ❤️

  160. Holger Bischoff

    Hello Dina,
    Send you many greetings from Germany. I am a big fan since Beverly Hills 90210.
    What is your next film project?
    Have a nice time.

  161. Ashley Weigel

    Me and my wife would like to meet you. We live in Springdale Arkansa

  162. Lazar Pavlovic

    First of all… I want to say thank you for everything, thank you for this magical smile, thank you for not being like those other actors. Everyone who knows me knows one thing… my first love is you, Dina Meyer. Yes, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you on TV. I fell in love with this beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, beautiful lips. For me, you are the most beautiful woman ever to stand in front of the camera. I do not know whether I have a question for you at all… I do not even know if you would answer me at all. But I know one thing… I was in love with you, I’m in love with you now and I’ll always be in love with you. I can not describe how I feel when I see your picture or some of your interviews. Again… I’m in love with you and I’ll always be in love with you… forever! <3
    A lot of love from Serbia.

  163. Kirk

    I am sure you get 100’s if not 1,000’s of requests for signed pictures. Is there a place we can go to select a picture for you to sign and if so, where?

  164. DC McGill

    Hello. An actor’s question – are you exclusive to film and television, or would you consider live theatre? If so, what role would you hope to perform?

  165. Darren

    Hi Dina,
    Great site, and some of your replies on the QA section really made me smile, clearly a quick wit behind those striking eyes!
    Can’t believe its been 20yrs since Starship Troopers, great movie… To me Dizzy and Raszcak were the standout characters, although it was a surprise to see Doogie Howser in a SciFy 🙂 I’d love to know what you thought of your penultimate line and how many takes the scene took?
    PS Congrats on “Would You Like to Know More??” on the News page 🙂 Good luck with your future endeavours.

  166. Patrick

    Hello Dina,
    Do you think you may attend a comic con or Fan Expo sometime in Dallas Texas at some point?

  167. Steven

    Hey Dina,

    Due to your martial training in fighting with two battleaxes in Dragonheart. I would imagine it would help if you are ambidextrous. Are you very proficient in chopping firewood?

  168. carole hedreville

    Bonjour Dina. You played a part in the series KINGDOM named Cactus in the season 3, episode 9. Are you going to act in several episodes in that series ? Can you explain your character Luanne ?
    Thank you in advance for your answer. Merci.

  169. Ruben

    Hi Dina,

    Huge fan of yours..are you coming to Chicago anytime this summer

  170. Billie griffith

    I was just wondering if you do your own regular makeup or does someone else do it for you. I especially liked you in the NCIS episodes that you did. Your makeup was always flawless and would like to see how it was done.

    • Hi Billie-

      Thank you! Yes, I do my own “regular” make-up. However, on set, there are hired professionals to do the job.
      Are you requesting a “tutorial” ? That could be a fun periscope/live video in the future. 🙂
      I’ll see if I can make that happen.

  171. carole hedreville

    Bonjour Dina. Would you like to be on the Ellen de Degeneres show one day ? Merci pour la réponse. Thank you for the answer. Iam a french fan.

  172. Uday

    Dina, would you be interested in a comedy set in New York & Afghanistan? 🙂

  173. Ash

    Hi do you like women to? Cause I think your so hot!!!

  174. Mike

    Are you married or dating anyone?

  175. Jason Mason

    Hello Dina,

    Please let me just say I love you in all of your movies, you are amazing!
    I was wondering if I could get a personal signed picture from you, I will pay you for your time and material. It would mean a lot to me.

    Thank you for your time,


  176. Kip Wallace

    Hi Dina!
    Not ashamed to say that I am a HUGE fan since first seeing you in DragonHeart … been completely enamored ever since. 🙂

    Any chance of an appearance (“return home”) in the east coast anytime soon?

    Thanks in advance! Wishing you the very BEST of continued success in all that you do!!
    Keep Smiling and Keep Shining !!

  177. Kip Wallace

    Hi Dina!
    Not ashamed to say that I am a HUGE fan since first seeing you in Dragonheart… been completely enamored ever since 🙂
    Any chance of an upcoming appearance (“return home”) to the east coast any time soon?

    Thank you in advance!
    Wishing you the very BEST of continued success in all that you do!
    Keep Smiling and Keep Shining!

  178. Hi Dina,

    I just saw Piranha 3D again, not to crazy about films where you die, but Jerry O’Connell was hilarious. Was that filmed at Lake Havasu?

  179. Frank Allen

    Miss Meyer I really liked your roles in both Star Trek generation ” Nemesis”, and the role i StarShip troopers, and ETC.. I was always wonder which role was the longest and most complex role you played and which was the longest to apply on the Make-up chair ? Now I seen allot of the blogs describing diet and regiment., but one with all the types of lotions . make-up and oils. what do you use to clean up without drying your skin. I have severe burns on someplaces an some bad scares I cover now I use Hydrocerin creme. but I have to wash this all off, and sometimes when I am out I sweat it off. I am a disabled Veteran. An Miss you are a very Lovely Lady . An Miss thank you tobe a good actress showing a strong Lady Human or Romulan Lady ( Commander). Have a great day and I’ll keep seeing you on the Tv, or Screen!

  180. Nelson

    Hi Dina,
    Of all the films you were part of, what is your favorite and which one of them do you think your character describes you best as a person?

    • Hi Nelson –
      That’s a tough question to answer. I don’t think I have a “favorite.” Every filming experience is unique, and I have enjoyed them all for various reasons. And I don’t know if there’s one character that best describes me as a person, but I can say that there’s a little of me, in every role I’ve played. 🙂

  181. Robert Dunkerly

    Hi Dina, I thought I’d say you’re an amazing actress, you did a great job in Starship Troopers as Dizzy Flores ? Anyway curious question, did you receive any firearms training during filming for Starship Troopers? Just my opinion, but you were pretty badass with the Morita Mk. I assault rifle in Starship Troopers in my opinion Dina ?? Sincerely, Robert Dunkerly

    • Hi Robert-

      Thank you for your post! Yes, I did receive training. I had the pleasure to work with weapons specialist/armorer Rock Galotti, who is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. Sadly, he didn’t let me shoot the .50 caliber machine guns we had on Planet P. That would’ve been fun. 😛

  182. Wasim rafick

    Hi Dina,

    I’m a big fan of your lifetime movies.

    Amazing smile. Very easy on the eyes.

    I wish you all the best in the future.

    Your NYC fan Wasim

  183. Valentin

    Dina, hello from Russia. I am Valentin. How are you?

  184. PJ


    Batgirl has turned 50 and you are listed as one of the best representations of the character.

    Birds of Prey was definitely a series before its time. Had that come out during a time like now when Superhero movies and TV shows are tops it would have put up much more than one season.

  185. Isaac

    Ms. Meyer

    I’m not sure if you’ll actually see this, but I just wanted to say – I really love your films. I hope that this isn’t weird to say, but I think you are a very beautiful actress. I just watched your film “Turbulance” I really liked it!!! I think you are a very talented actress. I also love that a lot of your films are on Lifetime!! I was wondering how I might mauvbe receive and autograph from you?

    Thank you and have a very nice day!!

  186. Morgan brichetto

    Hi is it okay if I ask for an autographed picture?

  187. Travis


    What would it take to get someone of your status to make a guest appearance to a wedding?! I’d be honored if you were my plus one.. and.. I’d be decent arm candy ?
    P.S. Love the math at the bottom of your page

    Thank you!!,

  188. Lori Myers

    Hi Dina
    You maybe have been asked this before so I apologize for possibly a repeat question. What do you use on your face, your skin is perfect!!!!! I want skin like yours. If you are willing PLEASE share you secret.

    • Thank you for your post, Lori.

      Healthy skin starts with a good diet. Eating well, drinking plenty of water, and having a proper skin care regimen all play a part.
      Remember, the skin is our largest organ, so it’s very important to nourish it from the inside, as well the outside. Toxins that we ingest or inhale are released through the skin’s pores, which can dull a complexion, and/or cause acne break-outs.
      Exfoliating on occasion is also good, as this will help with the removal of dead skin cells and allow skin care products that are used to penetrate and absorb into the skin rather than remain on the skin’s surface.
      Daily sunscreen is a must.
      I hope this helps- Good Luck!

      • Lori Myers

        Thank you for your response. I didn’t know if there was a particular product that you used. But again thank you for your response!

  189. Max

    Do you ever go to Star Trek conventions? I was a big fan of “Nemesis” and I’d love to get an autograph! That scene at the end is still my favorite. Jolan tru!

    P.S. Dochai-difv Rihan hwio?

  190. Edward Lui

    Hi , Dina .
    It seems that you’ve joined a few tv series that happen in Miami . So here’s the question : Do you have a house there ?

  191. Maria

    Happy Birthday
    from Sweden

  192. Steve B.

    I thought, when I first became a fan during your 90210 run, that your stunning looks were unequalled. Guess I was wrong….I just watched Lethal Seduction on LMN, and see that your even more breathtakingly beautiful now!! Don’t you feel the least bit guilty for looking like a 23-year for over 20 years? Bet not! Can’t wait for your next project.

  193. Dave Dutchyn

    Hi Dina, you are my favourite, in words I can’t say, especially from Starship Troopers. Can I get an autographed photo from you? I will reply with my address after you say yes. I am just a Canadian guy who admires you. Your autograph would mead so much… I can send an SSAE if needed.

  194. John

    Just saw you in the Christmas tale movie. Beautiful and sexy mmmmmmm.

  195. Franky


    I see that you are an enthusiast of life and adventure. Where is your favorite place to unwind after shooting and what is your favorite classic car of all time? You’re red headed with beautiful eyes, so I know you must love the classics!

  196. Ralphy

    Hello Madam
    I am French, and occasionally you can see on French television in TV movies. It is my great pleasure because I find you very charming and attractive. I hope to see you often in the future in other fictions. Sorry for my English, it is not very good. Do you know France? What are your favorite writers?



  197. Dr.Ali

    Hi Dina,

    Over the weekend I saw “Lethal Seduction”. You have done an mesmerizing job! I’d love to take you out for dinner if you are ever around the New York city area. Dr.Ali

  198. Michelle

    I’m dying to know, is your hair naturally curly? If so, what products, tools, and methods do you use? I’m in love with your curly hair. My hair fell out like crazy and got super thing from chemo, so I shaved my head last year. Now, it’s growing back in SUPER curly. It’s so cute, and I’m loving it! But I’d love to take it to the next level if possible! And your hair is exactly what I’d like my curls to resemble. Thanks for any suggestions and advice!

  199. Joe

    I just watched “Bats” the other night. Didn’t know you were in that one. That looked like it was exhausting to film. similar plot to “Tremors” only with bats. Looks like they were using Bat-puppets on that one. Here’s a bit of trivia for you and Bob Gunton both played Star Trek characters. He played Captain Ben Maxwell in an episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation. and you played Donatra on Nemesis.

  200. John Moore

    Ever since i was a young buck, before joining the US Military running around the dessert playing kill the giant cricket bug, wearing a ridiculous armor and a foam rifle as an extra during the filming of Star Ship Troopers, i’v been fascinated by you, your work is brilliant, and your interactions with people where sincere, i was super shy, and we where told to not interfere with you guys, it was a good idea, the boys and i where more interested in seeing more of your time on film in the movie, you had of taking over a scene, even the parts where you didn’t say a word, your eyes and your expression where more than enough, we felt you are a real person and a professional, your other movies where amazing also and I’m surprised awards of more kinds didn’t come back your way, stay beautiful, im 40 now and i still think of those days, iv participated in other movies as an extra, mute roles, even participated microscopically in Army Wives, movies and television is such fun, great coffee at the sets LOL!, cant understand how they never offered you the role of 6 in Battlestar Galactica, i feel that character would have exuded more presence with you on board, red hair to match the red dress, stay gorgeous love! and keep up the amazing work

  201. Bill

    Hi Dina!
    All I want to say is that you are still hot!

  202. Eric

    Good day Ms. Meyer. I was wondering what was your favorite role and your least favorite?

  203. Hey Dina,

    Wondering if your heading to the UK this year at all for any conventions?

    Promise not to hog too much of your time if you do 🙂

  204. Hi Dina!
    Been a fan of yours ever since I first saw Starship Troopers, but I’ve also seen some of your other works and hoped that one day I’d be able to be in a selfie with you (it was kinda on my bucket list). Think you could indulge a long time fan? And by the way, thank you for your contributions to keeping people like me entertained all over the world, and good luck in all your endeavors!

  205. Andy Marshall

    I am not usually one to follow celebrities but I recently noticed how many movies and shows I like to watch over and over that you are in. I noticed that Starship Troopers is one mentioned quite often but I have to say I love your character in Johnny Mnemonic. Keep on putting out the shows and I will keep on watching them.

  206. Gerd Neidhöfer

    Hi Dina

    Meyer is a German name, are your ancestores came from Germany? Have you sometimes made a research from your ancestores? I think it is very interesting to find out about his ancestores and what people it was.

    Thanks for your answer and furthermore good luck

  207. What your favorite car?Chevy Camaro or Pontiac trans am.

    P.s. I love your smiles in movies ???. And your a beautiful blush actress dina.

  208. Keith

    Hello Dina,
    As I sit here watching “Star Trek Nemesis”, the part where you just spoke to Shinzon about allegiance was just on. I have noticed that besides this role, it seems that the roles you have picked over your career tend to be strong women. I am curious to know where you draw your inspirations from for these roles. Is it from people in your life & experiences you went through as you grew up?

    Here is why I ask —
    As for me, I was faced with a situation where I had to make a life-changing decision that would alter the rest of my life – I drew on my life experiences & family members who taught me about life as I grew up. This helped me to make the choice I did nearly 15yrs ago on a Tuesday in September at the World Trade Center – to run in & help as a Volunteer Responder (construction-search/rescue/recovery) instead of running away. I got sick from being there but because of what I was taught growing up, I knew I couldn’t run away while so many needed help. If I had to do it all over again, I would.

  209. ibrahim demir

    I just know Turkish sizinde başrol oyuncusu olduğunuz THE MOVIE HERO filminizi 2007 yılında bir defa izledim çok beğendim ama daha sonra hiç bir yerde o filmi bulamadım eğer yasal ise bemin email adresime THE MOVIE HERO filminizi gönderir misiniz. tabi eğer yasal ise emeğinize saygısızlık etmek istemem. türkiyeden sevgilerle

  210. Hi Dina — You have a beauty, elegance, strength and inner radiance that has no equal — in Hollywood or anywhere else. It is as wonderful to view your website as it to watch you on the big screen — and that is no small feat. Are there any things-simple life lessons– that your parents taught you or that you learned early in life that helped you find the right path? Any little things that still ring true to you today? I hope that isn’t too complicated to answer….
    Thanks from the hopeful father of a wonderful 6 year old daughter!!! (

  211. Kevin

    Hi, Dina!

    Considering that you were Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle in Birds of Prey and Dizzy Flores in Starship Troopers and had to do a few fight scenes, do you practice martial arts as a hobby or part of your workout routine?

    • Hi Kevin-
      I don’t study martial arts regularly, but I did train for the roles I played in
      Starship Troopers and Birds of Prey. The stick fighting (Eskrima) was my favorite.
      Other times, when it came to fight choreography, I’ve simply worked with stunt coordinators on set.
      Having a dance background always came in very handy. 🙂

  212. Kim

    You are so beautiful, glowing and radiant. I want to have great skin and age as elegantly as possible, like you. What can I do now, and in the future, to ensure I won’t be kicking myself in 20 years?

    • Hi Kim. Aren’t you sweet?! Thank you!!

      A few rules to follow for good skin:

      – Don’t smoke.
      – Stay out of the sun, or wear protection.
      – Always wash and moisturize your face before going to bed.
      – Drink LOTS of water.

      I hope this helps 🙂

  213. Mike Gallagher

    How hard was it to work on NCIS with all those talented actors who have worked together for so long? Would you ever want to be a permanent on the show?

  214. Jerry

    Hey Dina,

    I had started doing some gymnastic/yoga based movements in the past year or so and have worked my way up to doing a solid forarm stand and working on doing crow/crane form. I stumbled upon pictures of you doing a handstand scorpion yoga pose recently and was mesmerized by your strength and flexibility!

    Questions: How long have you been doing yoga for? What’s your favorite or most challenging pose? What’s a pose that still eludes you that you would like to master? What’s the biggest injury that you’ve sustained?


    • Hi Jerry.

      It sounds like you’re doing quite well in yoga. Good for you!! 😉
      I, myself have been practicing for about 8 years; And over time, my strength and flexibility have both definitely increased.
      I like to work on form and control (while focusing on breath, of course.) 😉
      On a strictly physical level, I hope to, one day be able to PRESS UP to a perfect handstand scorpion.
      Once I get there, I’ll work on transitioning into another arm balance.

      Keep practicing!!

  215. Cameron

    I know you get this alot but you are truly an amazingly beautiful woman. You are the reason I can watch starship troopers over and over. I just wanted to thank you for blessing us with your talent and beauty. It would be an honor to meet you one day. Oh and this maybe be a little cheesy but you look way younger than you really are. Just had to say that.

  216. Mitch

    How might I get an personalize autograph photo from you
    Or if I can send a photo for you to sign??

  217. Timmy

    Any plans to attend Awesome Con in Washington DC this coming June 2016? I would love the chance to finally meet you in person. I was charmed by you in Troopers but have followed your career since and found you to be not only talented and versatile, but a lasting beauty with a sexy smile. Been loving your Periscope stuff of late! All the Best!

    • DMDC Administrator

      Currently, Dina is not scheduled to attend Awesome Con this year.
      Information about her upcoming appearances are listed in the NEWS SECTION of this site.

  218. Ruben

    Hi Dina, While re-watching yet one more time Starship Troppers, it’s funny how things change with time. Then, Denise Richards was the shining star, and you had kind of a secondary role (and died). Today, and you being 2 years older than her, you look still as pretty as you did 20 years ago, and she doesn’t 🙂

  219. Tim

    Where is this Ameriggedon movie at – I REALLY want to see it

  220. Hi Dina, I am a long time fan. I first saw you and fell in love with your acting in the first Star Ship Troopers. You look the same as you did 20 years ago as I am here watching another one of your movies The Wrong Woman. How do you stay looking so young and beautiful after so many years and after acting is over do you see yourself settling down with a family and white picket fence and all?

  221. Dima

    Always wanted to say that you’re an amazing actress and beautiful woman. Always wanted to have dinner with you, but it was not to be. Good luck to you all.

  222. Denis Davydov

    You`re the most beautifull woman i`ve ever seen. Just a fact.

  223. Joel

    Hello Dina,
    You are truly one of the rare women who is becoming more attractive as time goes by. I have two questions. First, since your looks can melt ice, how long does it take for you to be kicked off the ski slopes? Second, is there ever a bad time for a cheesy pickup line?
    Thanks, Joel

  224. Aleks

    Hi Dina ! I am you new fan from Russia . Welcome in Russia in this year for travel and relax! Yours sincerely fan, Aleks

  225. ishaan rai

    hEY DINA..I might be super late in watching your Holy Snow character in NCIS, but you were great and just made the character playing came alive..and you are super pretty as well..adding on to your great work saw “Sins of Omission” episode of Burn Notice that you starred in..was just great..You should consider doing more cop roles as in playing director of some government me you would do great..Good Luck for future projects..

  226. Ken

    Hi Dina,
    Do you ever get to the San Francisco Bay Area? Lots of great locales for films. Do you know if you have any events scheduled up this way in the near future? Have you ever done any voiceover work? Went over my allotment of questions – sorry!
    I really enjoy your work.

  227. Robby Morton

    Hi Dina,

    Big fan of your work. I know you might of been asked this before but didn’t see it on here. I have a few questions for you:

    1. What is your favorite book or the book you are reading right now?
    2. Last movie you saw?
    3. If you could have a guest roll on the TV show Gotham you would do it? and if you did what character would you like to play?

  228. Josh


    I just watched the “Sins of Omission” episode of Burn Notice that you starred in, and was struck by your resemblance to another beautiful woman……Debbie Harry. Would you ever consider doing a biopic? I think you’d be perfect in the role. The toughness of your character in this episode also reminded me of interviews I’ve seen with Debbie. Just a thought…..Great work by the way.

  229. Lynn

    Hi Dina. I know this is probably a silly question but I have your hair and wondering what products do you use. Thanks!!

  230. Winston Smith

    Hi Dina,
    I just saw that you are in AmeriGeddon coming up next year. Not to get too political, but what do you think of the premise and what attracted you to the project?

  231. David

    Hi Dina,
    You have featured in many future/fantasy and modern dramas, but, if you were given the option to play a character from history, who would you prefer that to be…and, apologies for being predictable, why? Thanks, in anticipation, & best wishes for the future!

  232. Art Ist

    Just watched you and your on screen husband Patrick Muldoon . How many movies have you made with him? How did you avoid being one of his many celebrity hookups?

  233. Alex

    Hi Dina,

    Just out of curiosity, do you like to play tennis? I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to ditch my ten year high school reunion on Dec 26th than to meet you and play a couple sets of tennis and grab some In-N-Out after 🙂
    But just as a question, what sports/physical activity besides yoga do you enjoy?
    As commentary, I truly enjoyed seeing you in Lethal Seduction this past Sunday night. You are gorgeous and I thought the film was really intense and pretty suspenseful. I might check out Starship Troopers after all these years simply because you’re in it and also because it was directed by Verhoeven who made the beyond legendary Robocop. Take care!

    • Thanks Alex-
      I can swing a racquet and hit a ball over the net, but I don’t know if I would be so bold as to say, “I play tennis.”
      “Spinning” is a great calorie burner, and yoga is wonderful for so many reasons, but I enjoy carving up a mountain on a snowboard the most. 🙂

  234. Ken Wood

    Hi Dina,
    I just watched Lethal Seduction on Lifetime and you were fantastic!
    The whole time I kept thinking ‘Wow!. I wish I’d been your co-star.”
    At any rate I think I have seen every film you’ve made and I just
    set my DVR to record everything I could find in the cable listings
    where you are featured. I hope I get the chance to meet you
    sometime – you are on my Bucket List! – and I would love to get
    a personally autographed picture if that is possible. Is this the right
    place to make that request?
    Thank you so much.

  235. angel

    hi Dina. you’re the most beautiful woman that i have ever seen! <3
    i want to ask something
    where can i find the "lethal seduction" movie with greek subtitles?
    (sorry for my english if i have make a syntax error 😛 )

  236. Not that it applies to you but if it did, what would your idea be of a perfect date? Btw, happy very early Thanksgiving.

    -Neil C.

  237. Mina

    Dear Dina,
    would you agree for voice acting of Donatra in Star Trek Online (if she would be freed from the Borg)?

  238. Seamus

    Hey Dina, it was fantastic seeing you at comic-con today, although I’m disappointed I never got a chance to meet you at the table but enjoyed your group talk afterwards. Was this your first comic-con and will you take the opportunity again?:-)

  239. James

    Hi Dina,
    Big fan. You uttered probably the greatest line in TV history when after Joey on “Friends” called you on all your erratic social behavior
    you replied, “What. Haven’t you ever dated an actress before?” After my 30+ years in Musical Theatre I was on the floor laughing.
    Great work. Keep it going.

  240. malcom

    Hi Dina I’m a big fan of Starship Troopers and was gutted I missed an opportunity to meet you & Casper Van Dien last year at London film & comic con…? my question is would you ever sell signed photos on your website..

  241. NEIL


    What comics/comedies make you laugh? TV and/or Movies? And what would you do for a Klondike Bar?
    Hope all is well.


  242. Sheryl thompson

    Are you a Mets fan and if so will you be watching the World Series???

  243. Joe Santos

    Hi Dina,

    Have you or would you do voiceovers for animated films or series?

  244. Shane

    Hi Dina, I’ve been a fan of yours since you played Lucinda on Beverly Hills 90210. I can’t believe its been 20 years since that time! How did you get the role, did you audition for it? And how was it like working with Jason Priestly and the other cast members?

  245. Hi Dina,

    After seeing Episode 150 (unknown) of Criminal Minds, I was compelled (incredible performance) to look up more of the films I had seen you and forthcoming ones. You just launched “Golden Shoes”, one sport I am drawn to. I am hosting a Las Vegas event featuring Michelle Akers, FIFA Woman Soccer Player of the Century, and hope you might consider joining this event on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. We will attempt to break a World Record, raise monies for her Horse Rescue and impact young soccer players. By chance, any possibility to come to Las Vegas? Keep up the incredible performances! – Brian Kaskie – Akers Of Diamonds

  246. Steven

    Hey Dina

    Never forgot that interview you did back when Starship Troopers had just been released. It was for In Style I think. Yea I read it and I had a big crush on ya when that movie came out (what was Johnny Rico thinking!?). Anyway, was a good interview and I never forgot you saying your favorite fragrance was JOOP. I felt now I had the inside scoop on what turns a woman on so I ended up buying some and wearing it!

    Just wanted to say thanks 😉

  247. Claire Roberts

    My question is ,
    Have you ever wanted a family ?

  248. Joe Santos

    “Just a small town girl
    Livin’ in a lonely world
    She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere…” (continue the lyric)

  249. Neil Clayman


    Neil from Boston wants to know…
    What CDs would we find in your car that you like to sing along to? Also, any favorite vacation destinations. Do you have any? Thanks for answering some random questions.

  250. Art Ist

    I saw you lip locking with Joey (Matt Leblanc) on a Friends rerun last night. You looked like you really enjoyed it (I know a bit of great acting, right). I was wondering, how do you prepare to do a kissing scene?

  251. Mandy Berger

    Hi, Dina!

    Birds of Prey was hugely formative for me as a long time member of one of the close knit fan communities that resulted from the show. So, firstly, thanks a ton for being a part of what originally brought us all together. Had the show continued on, is there a particular direction you would have liked your character’s story to go, or something you would have liked the chance to do in the series?

    • Thank you. It’s so nice to know friendships were formed from our little show.
      If the show had a season 2, I would probably want to see more of Oracle’s Eskrima
      and of course, more Batgirl flashbacks. 😀

  252. Burke


    You have had a really great career so far. These days do you (or your agent) reach out to audition for roles or do casting agents/directors/producers seek you out?

  253. Precious Turia

    When you come to New Zealand for Armageddon at the end of the month, will you be staying in the country any longer than the days you are set to feature at Armageddon? Or will you be going back to America once the event is over?

  254. Joe Santos

    I never read the book “Starship Troopers” but someone told me that the character of Dizzy Flores was actually a man in the book? Were they going to make Dizzy a man in the film too? Or was it made into a female role from the get go? -Joe

    • Dizzy was female in the first draft of the script that I read. I’m not sure why or when Ed Neumeier
      decided to make her female, but for obvious reasons, I’m glad he did.

      • Joe Santos

        I’m glad he did too 🙂

      • Joe Santos

        It’s just to bad she was killed off, you were noticeably missing from the other two sequels.

      • Jeffrey Coley

        I know I’m not the only one who watched “Starship Troopers” wanting to slap Johnny Rico upside the head. What was he thinking? Ignoring super cute ultra-cool tough chick Dizzy Flores to pine after the boring dud Lt. Ibanez?

  255. Buck

    Love the page, we as fan’s can never get to much of Dina. Have you thought of adding a Fan upload picture page? So we can share the photos you have done with us. I still want a picture of both of us doing the splits. 🙂 Hope you come back to Fargo again.

  256. Rory

    Hi Dina, you seem like a tough gal. Who’d win in a fight between you and a 300 lb woman? That’s all, thank you.

  257. Fred Beery

    Hi Dina!
    What draws you to a script?

  258. If you could play any character from any book, who and why??

  259. Morgan Brichetto

    Hi Dina I was wondering if i may ask for an autographed picture? 🙂

  260. Hi Dina,

    Here’s Arek from STARSHIPTROOPERSFANS.NET and I do have a question of the highest importance…

    …wait for it….

    …here it comes….

    ************ Dina, can you roll your tongue? *************
    (photo or it didn’t happen!)

    Saluations from Poland

  261. Roger

    Hi Dina! Here a fan of Brazil. Sorry for the bad English. Many artists fleeing a character that gave them fame. Be most remembered for his work on Starship Troopers does not bother you? ..

  262. Andy W

    Hi Dina!

    Did you ever appear on stage in any productions as “unique” as Marshall Talmant’s “Boxing Day”?

    Which actors/movies inspired you when you were starting out?

    Come back to the UK soon!

  263. connally

    Luved your pics from the US Open… And I’m guessing a tennis fan… Pretty cool…. I Love tennis

  264. Hi Dina,

    Do you have a favourite genre of music or are you pretty eclectic. I love rock and metal but have a guilty pleasure in the forms of Adele and Sam Smith, what’s yours?

  265. connally

    Dina, you are mighty fine… Question… Classic Rock or country on your radio dial?

  266. Daniel Emmert

    Have you ever done or considered doing work with the USO for soldiers who are deployed overseas in Afghanistan? I am an old soldier and would love to see people such as yourself rather than the pop icons of the youth come to entertain the troops.

  267. Henry

    Ms. Meyer;

    You are such a versatile actress, playing the “tough girl” in Johnny Mnemonic (I am addicted to all things Gibson) and Starship Troopers, to other roles such as the beautiful seductress in Lethal Seduction, and now such a turnaround from that role into Fishes ‘n Loaves: Heaven Sent, do you prefer any particular type of character, or just the challenge of new roles?

  268. Travis

    Hi Dina thanks for letting all of us ask questions on here. My question is what was one of the funniest behind the scene moment of starship troopers?

  269. Neil Clayman

    Hi Dina

    What specific music/ bands do you listen to? Do you sing in the car? Why do I feel like a big girl and this is Tiger Beat? Oh, what is your favorite color and when can we see you wearing a pooka shell necklace? Ha ha.
    Keep Smiling .

  270. Katie Lynn

    Hi, Dina. What is your favorite season? I prefer autumn. 🙂

  271. Randall Potts

    Dina, If you could have played any role from any historic film, what would your ideal role be?

  272. If an acting career hadn’t worked out, what kind of work do you think/hope you’d be doing right now?

  273. Michael Irwin

    What was your favorite thing about guest-starring on Friends as Kate Miller?

  274. Wowdane

    Were you asked to be in #ConMan by Alan Tudyk & Nathan Fillion?
    If yes, why aren’t you in it?
    If no, would you like to be?

  275. Hello!

    What is your favorite charity and I how can I donate to it? 🙂

  276. Hervé

    How is it possible that Casper is coming to Belgium in 2 weeks and you are not? 😉 Last time you visited Belgium, a government was formed shortly after your visit and after more than 500 days without government. So who knows what might happen this time? 😉 x

  277. Danny

    Will you be attending any comic cons or doing any other meet and greets?
    It would be awesome to meet you.

  278. Ian Y

    Hi Dina,

    Due to the Queues last year I was unable to get your autograph at the London Film and Comic Con ( I managed to get Caspers, he was a legend.) When are you next back in the UK?


    • Aw, sorry I missed you.
      I don’t have anything scheduled right now, but I’m sure I’ll return before too long.
      Check the News section for Upcoming Appearances.

  279. If offered would you return to the CW and either cameo as Barbara or given the chance would you play her again?

  280. what is something that you still want to accomplish in your lifetime?:)

  281. Rowena Kemp

    In Birds of Prey, what was your favorite aspect of Barbara Gorden/ Oracle?

  282. Scott Romanski

    Is there any chance a humble mortal such as myself could buy you dinner sometime? Can’t blame a man for trying, can you? 🙂 Hope you are well.

  283. sean dundas

    What’s your favorite song to sing for karaoke?

  284. Joe Santos

    ” why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near just like me they long to be close to you… “

  285. Burke

    When you were filming Star Trek Nemesis how long did it take to film your part? You had a pretty big role in the movie I’m guessing it took more than a week or two to film your part.

  286. Cora Gisela

    Hi Dina. A simple question. How do you feel? I really hope that good. Have a great day. Regards. .

  287. Ok Here is a question: If you could go back in time and have a “Do Over” on any movie project from your past, which one would it be and why?
    You are AWESOME!!!! Big hugs and come back to the Motor City Con we miss you here!!

  288. Chris Fellmer

    Any plans for a Dina Meyer autobiography? You could sneak some kale recipes in also!

  289. carole hedreville

    Bonjour Dina, What are the dates of the releases of your following tv movies : AmeriGeddon and the Unwilling ? In order to not forget your french, have you got some french friends with whom you can speak ? Thank you for the two answers in french. Your french is perfect. Merci pour la réponse.

  290. James

    Hey, Dina! Oddly enough, one of my most nostalgic and favorites of your movies is Johnny Mnemonic! Seemed like a neat experience, and I was just wondering if you had any memories you’d be able to share of the experience or working with that cast? Thanks, you are awesome!

  291. James Hare

    Hi Dina,

    Hope all is well in your world!

    Just a quickie, any plans to visit the UK convention scene anytime soon?

    And not so, um, quickie… So far I’ve not had much luck getting anything more than extra roles in film and TV, any tips to get myself more noticed, or how to find bigger roles? A line or two at this stage would be a start O-o

    All the best xx

  292. hedreville carole

    Hi dina, would you like to act in one episode of the east coast series New York Special Unit with Mariska Hargitay and Ice t ? Second question when will you be coming to Paris ? Merci.

  293. Jose Lee

    Will “Holly Snow” ever make a re-appearance on NCIS?

  294. Vince A

    Hi Dina. I’m a big fan of yours. You probably get asked this a lot, but what other actors/actresses did you really like working with. Thanks in advance.

  295. Scott Singer

    Will you get to Chicago area any time soon or to Indianapolis for comicon? You were scary in last movie. Loved that side of you.

  296. Julia K.

    Would you play Lady Irena again? If yes, how you’d rather to play her? As the victim, the killer or helping Castle to solve a case involving bondage since now he’ll be working as Private Investigator?

  297. Mark Hermiston

    Hi Dina,

    Given that you have a birthday 1 day after my own, as a child were you as annoyed as I was that your birthday seemed to merge with Christmas? 🙂

  298. Lee Ann

    Dina…If you were approached to play Barbara Gordon, would you consider playing her again. I really enjoyed your portrayal of the character, you nailed it!

  299. Vaughn Cavender

    Hi Dina
    Have you been asked and or would you consider coming to the Salt Lake Comic Con. I keep hoping to see your name on the guest list but but so far have not. I think it would be great if you came. Thanks.

  300. Do you have any idea when you’ll be getting back to the East Coast for any events? (Preferably close to DC or Richmond)

  301. Joe Raposa

    Hey Dina I’m a longtime fan. So many moons ago you were on the cover of one of my favorite magazines of all time Femme Fatales. I was wondering if you remember anything about that experience worth sharing and are there any other magazines you’ve made the cover of?

  302. Burke

    Hi Dina,

    First, I think you are a remarkable actress both talent-wise as well as very beautiful.

    Now for the question:
    You are listed as being 5′ 7″ tall (correct that if it is wrong) Have you ever been told you are too short or tall for a role you were auditioning for?

  303. Francisco

    Will you marry me?

  304. @notoakie

    hi dina!

    from guesting on shows like 90210 & Friends, leading in Birds of Prey to stealing scenes in Johnny Mnemonic and Starship Troopers, you’re just one of those actresses that manages to be memorable no matter the role. but it’s the way you choose to connect with your fans by interacting like this that impresses me; you’re one of what seems to be fewer and fewer actors who doesn’t act like fame is some huge burden and instead giving the impression that you wake up every day feeling like you’ve won the lottery. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is another actor who, like you, doesnt take their life for granted and even seems to be a fan of your own fans. connecting with fans requires a lot of extra effort, and you’re not being paid to do it unless you’re a Kardashian, but you do it organically, effortlessly and that’s inspiring.

    sorry for the long-form version of, “love your work, you inspire just by how you interact with fans, thank you for this opportunity.”

    ok, questions: what’s 1 thing that’s happened in your life, either by your own fault or not, you wish you could hit the “redo button” on?


    what breakfast cereals are currently in your pantry?

  305. Gil

    What role would you most like to play from a book that hasn’t been made into a movie yet? I’ve loved so many of your portrayals of courageous women in both film and television and I’d appreciate hearing what you’d like to do in a totally new property.

  306. dawn

    Do you have a girl crush?

  307. Shawn Kieran

    What do you miss most from your hometown? Where was your favorite summertime place to be?

    • Seasons, NY pizza and bialies.

      • Shawn Kieran

        Very nice. I do miss NY style Pizza. Being from Iowa now after moving from Upstate, going to Vermont was a favorite of mine for the seasons. I do miss the Maple Syrup from there. The other things I miss are the camp we have in outside Bolton Landing and camping at Lake Eaton campsite between Long Lake and Tupper Lake.

  308. Rajiim Gross @RajiimG

    Hi Dina,

    I’ve been a fan of yours for a while! Love your town hall forum here. My question is if they Offered you the chance to replay Batgirl or Oracle in a Feature Length film, would you?

    I thought you were awesome in Birds of Prey! That show didn’t get justice in only airing one season!

    Thanks for your time!

  309. Derek Baldwin

    Another question Dina. Donnie Wahlberg joked on the Saw II commentary that he “got stuck in the prop room with Dina” as quite the terrifying experience. Is that in any way true? I enjoy Alison the most!

  310. Derek Baldwin

    Hi Dina. Big fan of yours. My question is what has been the most challenging role for you to play? Any favorite roles?

  311. Mike

    Okay, got to ask…do you have a problem with stalkers? If not I am available and can free up some time. Just need an address. ?

  312. En

    Did you know it was my birthday today ?

  313. Emily

    What is your middle name? If that’s not too personal to answer ☺️

  314. aj

    What is the one book you automatically recommend to other people without hesitation and why?

  315. Hi,
    Do you have fav places you like to go out to in Los Angeles? I miss Three of Clubs, Coffee Beans ice blendeds and Fatburger, esp. Also, what has been one of your “coolest” fan encounters?
    If you could replay any character from any movie, what would it be?


    • I really like going to the Griffith Park Observatory.
      I’m a huge IN-N-OUT fan, and treat myself occasionally.
      All of my encounters with fans are “cool” because they are, well,
      the coolest. 🙂

      I think I would probably want to play Jack’s part in The Shining. 😛
      Is that weird?

  316. Charmaine Kaptein

    I love the saw films so I have to ask this did you enjoy being in saw and what was it like to star in saw 🙂

  317. Joe

    Had the made a sequel to Star Trek Nemesis would you have played Donatra again? I was the make up sessions?

  318. Hello Dina,
    My son got to meet you at Awesomecon in DC, and laughed at me knowing I’ve had my “crush” since Troopers. I’ve seen most of your work and always impressed with your range of talent and beauty. “Lethal Seduction” was proof positive that you just keep getting better. I look forward to another east coast event I might be able to attend so I might get the chance to meet you, and if you would, autograph my recently published sci-fi novel. I look forward to your future projects and wish you continued success.
    Forever your fan!

  319. Marjorie McAllister

    If you were asked to appear on The Ask Dr.Nandi Show filming this month in Michigan re; fitness -would you say “yes” ?
    (They would fly you out of course)

  320. Derek Baldwin

    Hello Dina. I’ve been a HUGE FFAN of yours since the Original Saw and have just recently discovered the majesty that is Starship Troopers. My question to you is, who would win in a fist fight, Kerry or Diz?

  321. Francisco Morales

    Hello Dina! I am a big fan and one question of mine is if Halo were to be made into a movie, would you consider being in the film??

  322. Ian Fahringer

    If there was to be a second season of Birds of Prey, Would you have been in it?

  323. Joe

    Comment first, then my question. Met you at Monstermania in Cherry Hill, NJ this past March and I appreciate the time you take to talk to fans and just being an overall good person, no movie star ego. My question is which do you prefer to work on, TV movies, theatrical releases or an ongoing TV series ? In other words, a few months filming and then time off or a regular weekly schedule ?

  324. Caralynn White

    Hi Dina. Why did you start doing yoga? You are beautiful by the way ?

  325. Richard Morcom

    If you got the part of a Bond girl, what would your character’s name be?

  326. What are your thoughts on British film deconstructionist Rob Ager’s analysis of Starship Troopers and his opinion that Verhoeven’s film is a satirical exploration of totalitarianism in left and right politics, foreshadowing the war on terror, cultural fascism and military brainwashing?

  327. Danny D.

    Hey Dina! Ok here goes. If a TV company came up to you and said they wanted to reboot one of the Star Trek series, and they asked you which female from any or all of them you would be interested in playing, which characters would appeal most to you?

  328. Ken

    Who do I contact to book you for my Con? I would be honored to have you as a guest. Ken

  329. Greetings and Salutations.

    I’m interested in being involved with independent film production and I’m based in the Bay Area.

    Any advice for people who lots of passion, ability, and who want to work on fun movies (horror and comedy being my two favorite genres).

    Thanks for all your great work that has enriched our lives.


  330. Luke

    Having had such a long successful career do you prefer when a fan comes up to you that recognize you for something you did a while ago or something more recent? like saying they loved you in Starship Troopers or loved you in Sequestered

  331. Patrick Grinham

    Hi Dina
    What is your favourite film, one you have enjoyed making, and one you haven’t (maybe wish you had been in?)

  332. Phill Martin

    G’day Dina, I was wondering if you could share any tips on the dietary and exercise regime you use to maintain your already natural beauty and flawless skin? Are there any key things that you do or avoid?

    Thanks for doing what you do.



  333. Tony johnson

    Hello Dina just like to say I fell in love with you in the movie Bats .Will you be making another movie like that or what kind of movie would you like to be in thank you for your time

  334. Reza

    Hi Dina, long time Fan since Johnny Mnemonic, I’m a VFX artist so i ask something related to that.
    How was it to act or react infront of Nothing (Dragonheart / Starship troopers, etc.)? Do you think its more challenging to act infront of a CGI movie/Set or real human? or how can you describe the experience?
    And Do you have any plans for a trip to japan anytime soon?
    Would love to work with you someday. 😉

  335. Philipp

    Hi Dina,
    Did you ever keep any of your screen used costumes or props? Do you collect something?
    And by the way. I’d love to see you back in Europe. It was a pleasure to have you at FedCon in 2013.
    Have a nice day.
    Kind regards, Philipp

  336. Carsten

    Hi Dina,
    I saw some pictures on your twitter acount as you were on motorcycle trips. From my companyI I won some days in California (Pasadena) ? and of course I’ll stay some add days around LA ☀?. I belive (hope) you knows nice trips. Do you betray some of them?

  337. Riam

    I live in Scandinavia Europe and would really love to have your autograph. How can I get your signed autograph?? Thank you! You are awesome!!

  338. hedreville carole

    Hi dina I would like to know when does the movie a Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale release ? Merci pour la réponse. Thank you for the answer.

    • Dina Meyer

      Salut Carole!
      Je suis pas sure exactament quand la film sera sorti. A Decembre? Peut-etre un petit cadeau pour Noel? ?

  339. Li-or Z.

    Hi Dina 🙂
    I love the site! It’s so beautiful and user friendly! I wish some of the companies I work with would take a page from your book…
    As for questions – Where would you like to travel (in the world, not just the US)?
    Have you ever played an LGBT character? If not – may I recommend it? Lesbians are the most loyal fans you’ll ever encounter.
    I would also ask you for a book recommendation too, but I will likely try and develop that idea if you answer (why this book, anything else by this author, etc.), Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉
    (I’m trying not to repeat what you’ve already been asked, or be too nosy, lol)

  340. Wowdane

    Ok, so you just got word you’re being called in to audition for a role in Star Wars.
    1: Which character would you prefer?
    2: What would your first reaction be?
    3: This is just a dream – disappointed much? 😛
    4: How do you feel about hugging strangers?

    Hugs MissNoBigDeal

  341. Rob

    Hi Dina,
    When are you next in the UK? And would you like a nice home cooked meal? ( only kidding about the meal, my fiancée would kill me ?)

  342. @RichNYC18

    East coast vs West coast. If you had to choose one.

  343. Hi Dina,

    Love the new site! Hope you’re happy with it because it really looks great. Two questions for you:
    1. When working on Birds of Prey, was the chair easy for you to get used to, or where there any memorable mishaps?
    2. You’ve posted some great behind the scenes photos on Twitter over the years from your time on Birds. Any chance in seeing more of those on the site soon?


  344. good you tell if it is well written in English, I am francophone. which you consider the most important in his career or role he has not yet come. The first time I saw her acting in the film was the bugs. Alli in his role as love and rejected woman, I found magnificent even a heroic death. What movie do you recommend to see, for his course. thanks a car…

  345. Jon saiz

    First and foremost, you’re such a kickass actress.

    Okay question: what motivates you? I know I know such a generic question but doing a little soul searching here.

  346. Chris Fellmer

    When you are not acting, what do you do for fun? Do you like hiking, motorcycle riding, hang gliiding, dodging paparazzi?

  347. Eddie

    Hi, Dina! I am a big fan of your work in movies and television and I wanted to ask: Did you enjoy playing sci-fi and fantasy roles especially, or it was just by chance that you played in such movies in your early career?

    • Hi Eddie!
      I certainly enjoyed playing those roles, but I think it was by chance that they happened to fall into that particular genre.
      Thanks for your question and kind words.

  348. Marto

    if you’re ever in Australia would u like to be a guest host on my podcast? it’s an easy job, we just sample different whiskies and let the conversation flow. Doesn’t have to be Whisky, u can choose the Grog. ?

  349. John P.

    What was your all time favorite car (or truck), did you own.

    And…. after your big start in Hollywood, what was the first car you bought?


    PS, met you at Megacon years back.

  350. Mike

    Have you ever done any singing? If you were a musician instead of actress, what style of music would you do?

  351. Clinton Hammond

    1) I ask, because I make my own, but can you share any tales of wearing that chainmail shirt in Johnny Mnemonic? Who made it? What ever happened to it?

    2) Thinking of books, graphic novels, or plays, do you have a “Wow do I ever wish *blank* would be adapted to film so I could play *blank *?

    3) A request. Please keep up with the awesome!

    • Hi Clinton.

      Olga Dimitrov was the Costume Designer on Johnny Mnemonic, though I don’t recall if she personally hand-crafted the chainmail top; and while I can’t tell you where it is (as it’s been over twenty years since I wore it, let alone seen it), I can tell you, the metal was very cold when we were shooting those evening exteriors during winter in Toronto. Brrrrr…

  352. Nicolas Zingel

    Would you like to act in a drama movie? Meryl Strip drama style?

  353. Leo

    What’s been your favorite gig, performance you’re most proud of and favorite scene to shoot so far on the parade route?

    Follow up: share a story about something you’ve learned on set.


  354. Jon Bassuk

    Hi there, Dina!
    Love this Q&A idea!
    If you had to list the top three film/tv roles you have played, what would they be…any particular reason?
    Also, if you were trapped on a desert island (with or without me to keep you laughing with my awesome jokes), what music would HAVE to be on your iPod, and what else would you need to survive?
    Hope to see you at a convention again soon! 🙂
    ~ Jon

  355. Jon Bassuk

    Hey there, Dina!
    If you had to list your top 3 favorite roles/characters/films that you have played, what would they be?
    Also, what kind of music is on your iPod that you can’t stop listening to?
    Hope to see you at a convention again soon! 🙂
    ~ Jon

  356. Rose JD

    What moves you the most in this world?

  357. Hi Diana,

    I know that I am going over the allotted 1 question, but I will try a d press my luck…
    1. If you were not an actress, what would you do for a living if you could?
    2. Fav places you like to eat at/visit in La.?
    3. A comment. You are as I am sure you have heard 1 or 2 times very very pretty. Annnd a Member of The Tribe?! ( mops brow with sweat).
    Anyways, you ate super talented and I am a huge fan. I wish you continued success and happiness.

    Keep on Keeping On,

    • Hi Dina,

      I know that I am going over the allotted 1 question, but I will try and press my luck…
      1. If you were not an actress, what would you do for a living if you could?
      2. Fav places you like to eat at/visit in La.?
      3. A comment. You are as I am sure you have heard 1 or 2 times very very pretty. Annnd a Member of The Tribe?! ( mops brow with sweat).
      Anyways, you ate super talented and I am a huge fan. I wish you continued success and happiness.

      Keep on Keeping On,

    • Hi Neil-

      1- I have a business degree, so I’d probably do something there…
      Although after helping build this site, I might consider web-designing. 🙂

      2- Is that Los Angeles or Louisiana?

      3- Thanks doll.

  358. Ben Price

    If you haven’t already, all things being perfect (script, director, money, etc), would ever consider being in a romantic comedy – not as “the other woman”, but the lead?

  359. Scott

    Is there an acting role you turned down but wish you hadn’t?

  360. Caralynn White

    What made you want to be an actress?

  361. mohammed

    What new projects do you have coming up?

  362. Robert Diaz

    Oh….Question Time! What project are you working on now in film or TV, and where can we fine your Con Schedule so we can know if you’ll be anywhere near us? smile emoticon Snuck a second one in there. lol.

    • Hi Robert 🙂
      I’m currently shooting a little independent with our favorite Fleet Member from Starship Troopers, Mr. Patrick Muldoon and Dominique Swain. The film is called Fishes and Loaves and you can read more about it here –>Fishes and Loaves .
      Next Con appearance is in Auckland next month. Auckland CON . As there is no set schedule right now, I will be listing all future appearances in the NEWS section.

  363. @Clay_57

    Has any guy ever asked you to wear the Batgirl costume at home? And would you?? 🙂

    • Hi Clay!
      Nope- no guy has ever made the request; And while I’m eager to please, I don’t think Warner Brothers
      would allow me to borrow it for this sort of … “occasion” ;p

      • Randy

        Good afternoon Dina.. I really just have 1 simple question…
        How are you that sexy with natural beauty and an extremely talented actress but never see you in blockbuster films? Or just more mainstream films period.. You are a homesrun for a leading female in the film industry, I don’t get it.. Please enlighten me ?

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