Did you miss Lifetime’s premiere of Evil Doctor on April 7th?  Did you forget to set your DVR?  Well, good news folks!  Evil Doctor is returning to LifetimeTV for an encore presentation on April 20th at 8pm/7C .

LINKS to more info, photos and review can be found in this ORIGINAL POST

See the film already?  What did you think?  Leave your comments and/or questions below!


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  1. Kevin Ligney

    Dina, I think you are Sooooooo Beautiful and Sooooooo Sexy. You could be my Doctor Anytime. I love your beautiful Face and Hot Body, you ever need a co star in a film , nude I prefer I would be honored to see that smoking hot body. sorry just being Honest, I think you are a very Desireable woman with a Lovely body. A true Fan I Am.
    Luv Ya Kevin Ligney

  2. Scott Baker

    I did miss the premiere…only because someone….not naming names *Dina Meyer* promised unlimited popcorn and never sent me the address… 😉
    Congratulations on the movie, and I hope, that it has several replays.

    Best regards

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