Fishes and Loaves: Week One/ Beating the Heat

I’ve never been much of a beach person. “WHAT?! You live in Los Angeles.  How can you say that?!”  I don’t know. The words just seem to slip off my tongue quite naturally. 

In the twenty plus years that I have been living in LA, I can honestly say that I can count the number of times I’ve actually been in the Pacific on my two hands.  No joke. 

Yet, after a week of filming in 100+ degrees, I found myself retreating to the cooler temperatures by the water this weekend.  

I caught up with my big brother Greg, and some friends I met through him, who funnily enough still refer to me as “Meyer’s sister.”   The reception was warm, and the air was cool. It was truly a pleasure to not be the sweaty mess I had been all week on the set of  “Fishes and Loaves: Heaven Sent”

Back on set, our “call sheets” or daily production schedule have reminders about the scorching temperatures that we are going to be working in, and we’re encouraged to drink plenty of water. The cast is given umbrellas and fans to (try to) stay cool. Uncomfortably hot, I watch in amazement as our crew lugs around heavy equipment, thinking to myself, “HOW in the world are they doing that?!”  Truly no easy feat,  I am beyond impressed by their ability to work so hard in this heat. If you thought I was tough, think again. With no a/c in sight, all I wanted to do was put my entire person inside the refrigerator which happened to be conveniently located inside the holding room I was standing in at the top of our scene.

OK, enough with the dramatics- This first week of filming has been going extremely well.  Patrick Muldoon, and Dominique Swain are hilarious and really fun to work with.  Nancy Criss is a wonderful director and our hard-working crew is hustling so we can make our ambitious days. 

We’re having a blast; and sweltering temps aside, I’m looking forward to getting back on set with these guys. 

I’m going to enjoy the rest of my weekend, try to stay cool, and who knows,  maybe even head back to Malibu.

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