Alright alright… It’s official.  You guys dig Periscope.  There’s just something about that live streaming that we all just can’t seem to get enough of.

I made my  PERISCOPE DEBUT  back on Christmas 2015 from my winter vacation spot, and having been so completely overwhelmed by your participation and following, I wanted to share more with you.  I had caught the bug.  The next day, I did another periscoping session.  This time, I tried to give you a little taste of what it’s like to go snowboarding with me.  Something fun and hopefully entertaining for you.  Once again, I was humbled by your viewing, messaging, and following.

So here I am, back in Los Angeles, excited to begin what I feel will be a fantastic 2016; and I’m currently looking for more PERISCOPE ideas from YOU. What would you like to see or discuss??  Leave a reply in the space below and let me know -within REASON guys ;).

It’s a family show.  Let’s keep it “kid friendly.”

I’m looking forward to reading your suggestions.

See you soon!




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  1. Marlmdol

    Dina!! I only saw one picture of you riding your bike. Need to show us more!! Periscope the whole ride from start to finish. Don’t crash if you decide to do it I would feel horrible for giving you the idea!! ❤ XO

  2. Chloe Finch

    Hi Dina,
    I sent you an email on here about my idea for Periscope and when I hit send there was no notification that it sent. I don’t want to put it up on here because it would ruin the whole idea because the public would see it:)
    I hope you got it!

  3. Chloe Finch

    HI Dina,
    I have a very cool idea for a periscope for you 🙂 I will send you the idea via your contact section. Hope all is well;)

  4. Maybe a session while flying in a the wind-tunnel here in NC? Or skydiving.

  5. Kim

    Chasing the fur kids around. 🙂

  6. Everett Mills

    RiffTrax is putting Starship Troopers through the Mystery Science Theater treatment next week (Fathom Events on 1/14) You could give us your thoughts on how they may try to camp it up and maybe watch them do the show so you can critique their jokes later.

  7. scott singer

    Yoga lessons

  8. Mark

    Yoga with Dina – get your followers fighting fit in 2016!

  9. Hi Dina,

    unfortunately my internet connection and/or my phone was rather crappy so the periscope experience was not that good for me but with enough notice, I will use my computer to watch it and my phone to send messages 😉 If you’re in LA, why not a periscope from the Griffith Observatory during sunset above LA? I went there 2 weeks ago and it was amazing. The view is breathtaking and while the Sun slowly sets, you could answer live a couple of questions 😉

  10. Clay

    What’s a “typical” day for a working actress out there like? What kind of random stuff do you get into and what types of hobbies you enjoy doing? And anything you remember from shooting ‘Birds of Prey’? [loved you on that show and wish they’d bring you into the “Arrow/Flash” universe on the CW.

  11. Any of your sporting adventures would be awesome 😀 kinda like the idea of a neighbourhood tour as well, or some cooking… not sure how those would work though.

  12. Patric

    Your best and fannyest from shows and movis

  13. Santiago

    Hola Dina Preciosa
    Yo con ver de vez en cuando tus publicaciones y las fotos que compartes,me doy por satisfecho.
    Desde que te vi por primera vez en la Pelicula : starship troopers
    Me dejaste enbobado,espero que tu vida siga con Esperanzas y alegrias,
    gracias Preciosa por publicar tus fotos y compartir tu vida con nosotros!
    Un beso enorme Guapa ;)***

  14. Chloe Finch

    HI Dina,
    I absolutely loved your snowboarding periscope from Christmas, you were awesome. Sounds like people want a look into your everyday life.

    Living in LA as well, I would love to see you prank someone you know, maybe Patrick for example? Of course you would have to say you’re doing a periscope for something else. Use anyone that is safe to prank and that is some Meyer entertainment! 🙂

    I have loads of prank ideas in reason, but if I give them away here they will be onto you if you do it.

    This is fun, thanks Dina!

    • Hi Chloe-
      I’m glad you enjoyed the snowboarding! Thank you!
      You can email me through the CONTACT section of this site.
      I’d love to hear from you!

      • chlorine finch

        HI Dina,
        Hope all is well. I just wanted to know I did send you an email, just in case it got lost in cyberland 🙂 Cheers!

      • Chloe Finch

        LOL! My auto correct corrected my own name from Chloe to Chlorine, now that is just awesome!

  15. Ray Lawson

    Cooking with Dina, I remember you loved posting cooking pics on facebook when ya first got on . ( and you still owe us a car washing video dressed in Daisy Dukes) lol

  16. Dave Coffey

    Hey from down under. Why not give us a look into the things you like or do while doing it. For example best place in LA to go or eat? Or best friend’s catch up? Or on a set you are currently filming?
    Just a suggestion.

  17. How does anyone make lying in the snow look so sexy? Amazing

  18. Thomas Krueger

    Perhaps just normal “this is my life” sorts of things like making lunch, going to the beach, working on your hobbies, stuff like that.

    Quite honestly, if you did “Dina brushes her teeth” people would probably watch it. 🙂

  19. Michael Avery

    u r a very adventurous young lady & I just luv all the things u do. I suggest u just keep doing what u do best & show us the pics/videos. absolutely beautiful 😉

  20. Jackie Mcneilly

    youre so awesome I wish I could meet you and get a autograph picture of you by mail

  21. Charles Fuller Jr

    I love you!

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