…a brief encounter

I tapped my horn ever so lightly and kindly gestured, “You can make a right on red.”
The car in front of me had stopped, and with no pedestrians in the crosswalk, nor any approaching the crosswalk, and no oncoming traffic in sight, I had assumed the woman in the black sedan didn’t realize that the “NO RIGHT ON RED” sign ahead was in fact, time restricted and didn’t apply to us here at the moment. I gave her a friendly reminder.
Suddenly, out from the driver’s side window came that unmistakable hand gesture most of us have come to know as “the bird.” It literally felt like I got punched in the face.
“No, no no, it’s OK…” I once again, try to gently indicate to her reflection in her rear-view mirror, that it’s alright to make the turn.
OUCH… That finger again, and this time, it was pumping.

Well, I guess I struck a nerve. The light turns green and we’re on our way. I try to change lanes so I can apologize for the miscommunication; but this woman isn’t having any of it. She vehemently swerves over, so I am unable to do so.
In fact, it was a little bit dangerous if you ask me. It was a good job that there wasn’t any other cars or traffic on the road, as it could’ve been quite nasty. Though I had always realized the importance of car insurance, it was moments like that that made me glad that I was always on top of this. Ever since, I first started driving, my parents had drilled it into my mind that car insurance is a must, and if you don’t have any yourself, I recommend that you look into something like these allstate insurance reviews to see how this insurance policy, as well as many others out there, can provide you with all the coverage that you need. All I can say is that I’m glad I was covered because it did scare me for a second when she swerved over. What annoyed me more is that I couldn’t get my message across.
OK, so at this point, I should probably just leave well enough alone, but I don’t give up that easily and there’s another red light up ahead, so I try once more.
Success! I change lanes, pull up next to her, and roll down my window. I attempt to offer up an polite explanation in hopes of relaxing her furrowed brow.
Would you believe, she gave me the finger again?

I don’t know why, but I just felt like I needed to clear the air. If for no other reason, than to not be the cause of this complete stranger’s anger today. Heeding my own advice to spread love, I tell her I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, and there’s really no need for us to be so nasty. (Included myself in the “us” so as not to have her think I was singling her out)
Good Golly, if looks could kill, I’d be dead right now. She proceeds to tell me to “Shut the f#@k up, and just drive.”

So, I did. Feeling slightly confused, I shrugged and drove away. I pulled over and thought about what just happened. It got me thinking about the world we’re currently living in; With so many people who are angry or upset and at odds with one another. Treating each other with such disrespect, and contempt. Sadly, nowadays it seems to be everywhere.

Rather than wind up depressed about all of the me versus you’s… or the us versus them’s, I took a few minutes to remind myself that life is a beautiful gift, and we are all one people living on an amazing planet in a great, big universe.
And while there will always be those who hate, there are also plenty who love.
And where there is darkness, there is also light.
Our diversity makes the world an interesting place. A difference of opinion can make for compelling conversation. We don’t have to agree with one another to respect one another.

I don’t know why the woman in the black sedan was so annoyed. Perhaps she was simply having a bad day, and our encounter was just bad timing.
In any case, I hope her day improved.

And I hope yours is awesome.

With gratitude
and love always,

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  1. Callie Nash

    Thanks for sharing! Keep smiling! And keep that awesome, polite out look!
    Warm wishes! Merry Christmas to you! And Happy Birthday to you Dina! May the New Year bring you lots of blessings!
    Callie Nash

  2. Callie Nash

    That was supposed to say how awesome is that do you have such a gracious polite disposition. My apologies Dina, my phone has a mind of its own LOL.
    Warm wishes,

  3. Callie Nash

    How awesome is that, to have such a gracious impolite disposition. We all have those encounters unfortunately every now and again. But seeing how you handled yourself, I’d have to say you went beyond the Call of Duty. I tip my hat off to you! And you’re so right, what a beautiful world we live in! Life is surely a gift. You’re awesome!
    Best regards,

  4. Kathleen

    Your a class act Dina? I personally try to treat everyone with dignity & respect. A smile ? goes a long way and so does kindness and empathy towards one another-which is what you showed. Keep being classy!

  5. Fitnesschick927

    You handled the situation well! Keep spreading the positivity and the love. ???

  6. Loren

    Love your outlook and positivity, Dina. You’re the best!!!

  7. Don Naegele

    Thanks for sharing that anecdote, Dina. You are so right about mean-spirited folks out there! For those of us even-tempered folks it’s an exercise in patience and self-restraint 24/7 whether it’s on the roads or in the realm of social media. Believe me, I have to just shake my head and mumble. “What the —-!” a lot. Ok that was a euphemism…you get the picture ? Anyway, don’t feel bad. Taking the higher road means gulping pride but it’s better than the alternative which could spiral out of control if the other party involved is unbalanced or, God forbid, dangerous. Stay the awesome gal that you are and as always be careful!

  8. Art Ist

    I think she was really one of those nasty bugs from Klendathu hiding and ready to attack.

  9. Alex Militello

    Believe me, the person was probably upset looong before you came by. But it is very commendable that you tried to go out of your way to be nice to them.

  10. Steven

    Hope your day improved after that. Some people can’t take any suggestions or comments without getting abusive and defensive. You don’t deserve to have to put up with that type of behaviour, nobody does.

  11. Griffin

    Sometimes a kind effort is as effective as a kind word. Perhaps the interaction itself stayed with the other driver long enough that she reflected in private, too. Maybe she realized her mistake on her terms and corrected her nature toward someone who’s part of her daily life. If so, your efforts nudged her toward a change she needed to make. 🙂

  12. Russell Evans

    I spent years in Spain. They’re not nearly so polite on the road, and treat driving as a competition. You’d have been a breath of fresh air in Madrid.

  13. Eddie

    Your reaction is commendable.. most people would escalate the situation.. it is a LOT harder to turn the other cheek. I personally try to be as nice as I can to everybody, especially when driving..

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