Saw III finds Jigsaw near death and fighting to stay alive for one final game. Determined to show his protégé, Amanda, what it truly means to carry out his deadly game, the ailing Jigsaw instructs his apprentice to kidnap unsuspecting doctor Lynn Denlon in order to ensure that he survives long enough to see how his latest victim Jeff fares when faced with the prospect of imminent death. As Lynn and Jeff both struggle to beat the clock and carry out their tasks before Jigsaw draws his final breath, a much larger plan begins to emerge that shows just how cunning the legendary killer can truly be.

Det. Allison Kerry (Dina Meyer) herself was tested in an inescapable trap (called the angel trap) constructed by Jigsaw’s first known apprentice, Amanda Young. She became known as the Jigsaw expert.

Role : Det. Allison Kerry
Category : Horror, Mystery
Year : 2006