Miss Match

S01E16 ‘Forgive and Forget’
S01E15 ‘Divorce Happens’
S01E13 ‘Miss Communication’
S01E12 ‘All in the Family’
S01E11 ‘Who’s Sari Now?’
S01E10 ‘Santa, Baby’
S01E09 ‘Bad Judgment’
S01E08 ‘The Love Bandit’

The series centers on a Los Angeles matrimonial attorney who doubles as a high-end matchmaker even though her own love life is less than perfect. Lauren Logan (Dina Meyer) is Michael’s (David Conrad) ex-girlfriend and Adam’s (Nathan Fillion) ex-wife. Michael is Kate’s (Alicia Silverstone) on and off again boyfriend.

After finding out that Michael & Kate are involved she makes Kate break it off. After finding out Adam & Kate are involved she sues Kate’s law firm for malpractice.

Role : Lauren Logan
Category : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Year : 2003