Bike Riding

ahhhh…you thought I meant something else, didn’t you?

This was a great day.  I had just received my motorcycle license, and was out riding in Malibu Canyon.

I’m so glad someone snapped this pic.  It’s a nice memory.  🙂


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  1. Chris Heath

    A Buell ? Sweet…… you get the hankering for serious twisties, head to Arkansas for the Pig Trail or North Carolina for the Dragon at Deal’s Gap. Bily Duffy from the Cult is a left-coaster Ducati nut….. you drag him with you to Ark. and I’l bring the good tequila

  2. Carsten

    Yea, that is great 8| …I love it as well. In fall I’ll be the first time in California…I living in Austria/Vienna….Let’s have a ride together? ?

  3. Wowdane

    Memories are all we have left, when we get old and grey and can’t get around anymore. And THIS will be one of the better ones, I’m sure. 🙂

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