Since the word got out that I enjoy cooking, I have been receiving a lot of requests for recipes, the release of a cookbook, and/or cooking videos.  Perhaps, one day I will get to all of this.

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    I’m planning something special for you this weekend.  Would you like to know more??

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    We’ve uploaded links to Dina’s YouTube channel!  To see what you might have missed, click here –> PERISCOPE  and check out the videos from Dina’s LIVE Snowboarding Debut during her Christmas 2015 holiday.

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  • “A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale” airs Sun, Nov. 15th

    Dina Meyer stars alongside Jonathan Bennett, Lexi Giovagnoli and Patrick Muldoon in MarVista’s sweet romantic comedy,  A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale.  Written by Jake Helgren and directed by Letia Clouston, the film airs this Sunday, Nov. 15th on the UP Network. Check local listings. Synopsis and trailer can be found here -> Dogwalker’s…

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  • NEW TRAILER! Fishes N’ Loaves: Heaven Sent

    When a minister from a tough, inner-city neighborhood is reassigned to a small rural church, he and his young family must adjust to their new surroundings. Fishes N’ Loaves was directed by Nancy Criss and stars Dina Meyer, Patrick Muldoon, Bruce Davison and Dominque Swain in a  light-hearted, faith friendly,…

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  • GOLDEN SHOES out on DVD October 6th!!

    Dina Meyer stars alongside Eric Roberts, David DeLuise, Christian Koza,  John Rhys-Davies, Vivica A. Fox and Montel Williams in this sweet, family movie, Golden Shoes. 8-year-old Christian Larou (Christian Koza) has always dreamed of being a great soccer player like his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. After his father  is deployed to…

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  • Production News- “Fishes n’ Loaves: Heaven Sent” UPDATE

    After a few hilarious weeks on set, I am pleased to announce that principal photography has officially wrapped on the faith family dramedy, Fishes n’ Loaves: Heaven Sent. As we enter into post production, updates can be found on the (link–>) Fishes n Loaves Facebook Page . Release dates and/or…

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  • Production News !

    Dina Meyer has recently been cast opposite Starship Troopers alum, Patrick Muldoon as the female lead in Fishes n’ Loaves: Heaven Sent. Muldoon will play Randy Michaels, the pastor of a big city church who was reassigned to a congregation in a small country town, where he must find a…

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