• Dina’s Current Television Schedule

    Do you like to watch? Click on this TV SCHEDULE and see if your favorite Dina movie or TV appearance is playing this month.

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    It’s been a frustrating few days, but I’m happy to announce that my YouTube channel is back up and running.  Videos that are posted here on DinaMeyer.com are all once again, functioning properly. YAY! The only remaining issue, has to do with those who subscribed to my channel.  Sadly, you…

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  • Technical Difficulties

    It has come to our attention that Dina’s YOU TUBE channel has been compromised. As many of the videos that are posted here are directly linked to YOU TUBE, until the issue is remedied, they unfortunately will not be viewable.

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    The Unwilling is making it’s way to Home Video in May! Dina Meyer stars opposite David Lipper (Dantes Peak), and Lance Henriksen (Aliens) in this creepy thriller directed by Jonathan Heap.

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    Back by popular demand, “In the Kitchen, with Dina” returns to Periscope this weekend!  I’m excited to announce that today, we are going to have Chef Jamie Lauren in the house. Together, we’ll be whipping up a delicious Japanese inspired menu, where Chef Jamie is going to show me (and YOU) how…

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  • YOU TUBE? You bet!

    Hey Guys, My video library is underway! For recipes, work-outs, movie trailers, behind the scenes footage on set, premieres, parties, and more:

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    Did you miss Lifetime’s premiere of Evil Doctor on April 7th?  Did you forget to set your DVR?  Well, good news folks!  Evil Doctor is returning to LifetimeTV

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    The doctor is IN!  Be sure to tune into LIFETIME TV for the television premiere of  Evil Doctor (aka “Snatched”)  April 7th, 2018 at 8/7C.

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  • Available for streaming in U.K.: Lethal Seduction

    It’s your turn to get your guilty pleasure on and be “lethally seduced.” Check out Carissa Kensington (Dina Meyer)  in all

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  • Get “STONED” this Wednesday!

    The Stone Queen returns! 🙂 Check out this week’s episode of The Magicians on the SyFy channel tomorrow, March 14 at 9pm ! I’ll bring the popcorn! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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